How many pairs of Luxx Lash magnetic lashes does a woman need? Well, there’s one for every occasion. And if you’re a woman, you’d know what I mean by “there’s a perfect pair for every mood.”

Luxx Lash packaging in different hues of pink
All things pink and beautiful

For the record, I am a mom working remotely, and perhaps just as most have been during the years of the pandemic, I do not have many places to go to bat my lashes in style. Yet Luxx Lash has been my favorite way to complete a look whenever I need to dress up offline or online or whenever I need something to pick up my mood when the blues and cabin fever come to visit. 

Luxx Lash pink jelly case
Also, I got this pretty jelly case!

On to the Review

I got Luxx Lash’s latest magnetic pair in Diana. It promises length, fluff, and wispy lashes for an added fringe and winged effect for the eyes. 

A selfie of a woman as a before picture prior to trying Luxx Lash magnetic lashes in Diana
Let’s see how it looks! This is my before photo with prepped lashes: curler + mascara

As it is with any Luxx Lash pair, I love that: 

1. It looks natural. They’re made with 2D Korean faux mink and are designed to look natural and blend with your own lashes.

Wispy magnetic lashes in Diana
Look at that length and wisp!

2. The magnetic pairs are perfect for outdoor wear. It’s sweat-proof, water-resistant, and wind-resistant. You can don your pair for 60 or more uses, and it is suitable for 12-hours of wear.

3. It’s easy to apply (once you’ve gotten the hang of putting them on).

Woman putting on her magnetic lashes without an applicator.
I prefer putting on my magnetic lashes with my hands. But yes, applicators are available!

4. It’s lightweight. Of course, your brain will probably tell you that there’s something on your eyelids because there is. But it’s so light, you’ll forget about them in almost an instant. 

Woman slightly looking down to show the effect of her luxx lash magnetic pair
It’s so, so, light.

5. It’s sustainable. Say goodbye to the disposables and give our earth a big hug by choosing reusable magnetic lashes. Case in point, my first ever pair from 2019 is still well used today, two years later.

6. Every Luxx Lash pair is made with much care. It’s cruelty-free and chemical-free.

Woman wearing Luxx Lash magnetic lashes in Diana
Wearing the iconic Luxx Lash magnetic pair in Diana

I am so kilig with this pair, and it brings my lash goals to life: long, wispy, and nicely curled. I can imagine wearing them with a lovely dress on a date with my husband or the occasional nights-out with friends. For me, it’s as iconic as the woman of the very name.

Before and after picture of using Luxx Lash magnetic lashes in Diana
Before and after photo
A close up photo of a woman wearing Diana magnetic lashes by Luxx Lash
Close up photo

Diana is one of the fastest-selling pairs from the Luxx Lash website. So when you see it, grab it! I’ve given my friends a tip to check them out in Lazada and Shopee. Sometimes, they have more stocks available through those platforms and offer cheaper shipping with the same quality packaging and service. 

The left magnetic lash set
Remember to put them back like this!

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