I rarely wear false eyelashes. In fact, the only time I wore one was at our wedding. I wasn’t very fond of using it because it’s heavy and irritating. But sometimes, for vanity’s sake, I do consent to some discomfort. Afterall, Il faut souffrir pour être belle. (Roughly translated, “beauty is pain.”)

You won’t believe how hard it was to keep my eyes open on our wedding.

That being said, I never thought of owning a pair. So imagine how stunned I was to receive a set of Luxx Lash from my husband last Christmas. As I was contemplating my need for them as they sat on my palm, I decided to give them a chance. It wasn’t long before I can use it, anyway. Mark’s cousin’s wedding was up in a few days.

It doesn’t hurt that it came in a cute holiday sleeve. 🙂

What’s Inside

Luxx Case with Built in Mirror and Magnetic Plates

I’m glad that it came with this to keep everything in place. I wouldn’t know where to store it properly if it didn’t. Also, the magnetic plates keep the lashes in proper form when you’re not using it.

Magnetic Lash and the new Luxx Liner

Instruction card

Extra points for putting the instruction card on top. Goes to show that they’re user-oriented.

What I Like About It

It’s Light and comfortable

Wearing Luxx Lash at wedding number 2 of the year

The traditional ones are heavy on the eyelids and were very irritating. Luxx Lash was very light and didn’t have that sharp edge that tends to poke the inner corner of my eye. 

It’s Reusable and Sustainable

It’s the first reusable falsies that uses a thin magnetic strip on the edges to hold them in place. It doesn’t require glue (hooray!) and can last for two months of daily use! Because of this, Luxx Lash has a longer life span, allowing less trash to support your sustainable lifestyle. Now, that’s something we can feel good about.

It’s Easy to Apply

While I was reading the instructions card, I thought they made it sound too easy so that the users won’t be intimidated to put them on. Turns out, it is easy to use. Once you snap on the first strip, you’ll be able to fix the other edge in a matter of seconds.

Note: I only use my hands whenever I put them on but they also have an applicator.

It Looks Natural 

eyelashes-focused photo

While Luxx Lash offers options with different levels of drama, I like that theirs are made of silk that mimics how natural lashes grow (not in a straight line, but in criss-crosses) to blend well with your real lashes. It’s also designed to work with a range of eye shapes!

It’s Less Hassle

Using the disposable ones eat up a lot of time–having to wait for the glue to dry (that is, if you’ve applied them correctly in one go) and other steps in securing it on. On the other hand, if you get eye lash extension services, you will spend at least two hours on the application alone, not counting the travel and waiting time, and the nitty gritties–getting a patch test, avoiding oily products, not being able to sleep on your back and more.

With Luxx Lash, it only takes at least two minutes. Maybe less if you’ve mastered it!

Take Aways

  1. I can’t say that it doesn’t feel like there’s nothing on your eyelid because, simply put, there is something on it. But it’s very light and is way better than the disposable ones when it comes to comfort. For me, it’s a nice accessory for special occasions. But if you’re one to wear them everyday, you’ll probably get used to it.
  2. At first glance, it’s pricier than the disposables but if you’ll wear them more than once (we know we’ll be attending more weddings and events this year), it’s sulit for the convenience it offers. In fact, it’s cheaper if you factor in other incidental costs and the effort of having your lashes done.
  3. If you applied them correctly, they will hold themselves in place the whole day. If not, it tends to get a little loose.
  4. I apply eye make up first–shadow, liner, curl them, and dab with mascara before putting Luxx Lash on.
  5. It was easy for me to put them on during my first try but I guess the experience can be different for everyone. If you’re having trouble applying them, take heart! Practice is key!

Use our code: LUXXAB10 now at www.heyluxxlash.com

They’re also available on Lazada now! Click here to purchase.

8 replies on “REVIEW: Bat Your Lashes with Luxx Lash

  1. haven’t tried wearing any 😊 Dati kasi younger years people would comment i have long and thick eyelashes. My tita used to cut it when i was a baby kaya til nagdalaga ako ganun. But that was years ago 😂 I don’t receive compliments na and di na gaano long and thick 😂 Ang ganda din kasi nyan tingnan, though sabi nila tiis ganda nga talaga. I’ve heard feedbacks sa iba na masakit .I’ve seen common friends din na nagdikit dikit at di maayos ung pagkalagay dahil hirap sila at kita un pandikit din but yours Mommy esp sa big day mo, you glow at ganda mo sa wedding picture.
    Cute ng packaging ng Luxx Lash and good to know na super easy lang to put on 👏


    1. Awwww thank you! Same, I prefer to not wear them everyday pero it’s nice to have some excuse to doll up from time to time. 🙂


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