I thought I’d share a side-by-side comparison of four of my Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes. I hope this helps you decide on which pair to get!

But first, prepare your natural lashes

For best results, prepare your lashes by curling them and swiping some mascara. This helps your natural lashes in blending with your Luxx Lash pair and support it.

Note: I neither used eyeliner nor eye makeup in all of the photos to highlight the magnetic lashes.

Preparing my natural lashes before putting on my Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes
Never skip this step!

The Paige Magnetic Lashes

This is my first-ever Luxx Lash pair and remains one of my favorites. The Paige is the most versatile lashes in the collection and complements any eye shape.

Front and side view of a woman wearing Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes in Paige.
Wearing The Paige
Paige Magnetic Lashes
Paige is my first-ever magnetic lashes

Regular Price: PhP 1,799.00

Read my full Paige review here.

The Diana Magnetic Lashes

I associate this pair with date nights and pretty dresses. But of course, you can wear them anywhere, anytime! The Diana promises length with a fine and wispy finish for a winged effect. It complements almond and round eye shapes.

Front and side view of a woman wearing Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes in Diana.
Look at how wispy it is!
The iconic Diana magnetic lashes
The iconic Diana magnetic lashes

Regular Price: PhP 1,899.00

Read my full Diana review here.

The Lily Magnetic Lashes

If you’re a fan of the Korean look, the Lily magnetic lashes will surely be a hit for you! Lily has an eye-opening effect with subtle volume and length and feathery lashes. I love wearing them with minimal or no make up to put together my casual Sunday outfits.

Front and side view of a woman wearing Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes in Lily
The Lily Magnetic Lashes is my go-to everyday pair!
Luxx Lash Magnetic lashes in Lily
The Lily Magnetic Lashes

Regular Price: PhP 1,799.00

Read my full Lily review here.

The Rosie Magnetic Lashes

Say hello to the Rosie. It’s an extremely feathery pair that opens up your eyes with straight fibers designed to complement your natural lashes. The Rosie suits almond and round eye shapes best.

Front and side view of a woman wearing Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes in Rosie.
La Vie en Rosie
Luxx Lash magnetic lashes in Rosie
The Rosie

Regular Price: PhP 1,799.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Luxx Lash

Why is it expensive? All Luxx Lash pairs (liner and lash and magnetic lashes) are made with high-quality, vegan, non-toxic materials. They are sustainable and reusable for more than 60 daily wears (with proper care). That’s about PhP 29.98 if you divide the regular price by the number of uses. I can attest to this, as my Paige pair from 2019 is still in excellent condition after more than two years. I have lost count of how much I have worn them already!

Is it really easy to wear? I am fortunate to put them on in less than five minutes on my first try, and I have lowered the duration to below two minutes after the many times I have used them. There is a learning curve for others, and all you have to do is practice. Wear them every day!

Which pair is the most “kalma” lang? (Which lash pair is the subtlest one?) My reflex answer before has always been the Paige, but Luxx Lash has released more styles since. Try the Kali for the liner and lash pair, and Lily for the magnetic lashes. 

What’s the difference between traditional falsies compared to Luxx Lash? Besides the points I’ve mentioned above, it’s amazingly lightweight and natural-looking. The only time I wore conventional and cheaper ones was on our wedding day and I swore off wearing them since as they were too heavy, irritating, and the glue was toxic. Once you’ve tried Luxx Lash, there’s no turning back. 

More things to love about Luxx Lash:

  • They’re designed to look like your natural lashes
  • Sweat-proof, water-resistant, wind-resistant
  • Elevates your look (with or without make up) with just four snaps
  • It’s so lightweight, you’ll forget they’re there
  • Each pair comes in a case with a mirror and magnetic plates to keep the lashes in excellent condition, and in one place
  • Less waste
  • Cruelty-free, Chemical-free
  • 2D Korean faux mink
  • 60 or more uses
  • 12 hour wear

How to wear, remove, and clean your Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes

To wear:

  1. Prepare your lashes with an eyelash curler and mascara.
  2. Put the top lash above your natural lashes as close to your lash line as you can.
  3. Snap-on (you should hear a click) the bottom locks to hold them in place.
  4. Tug the edges a bit if you want to adjust it.
Me trying on the Diana magnetic lashes
Non-slip lash lock applicator by Luxx Lash
Non-slip lash lock applicator

You can also use the lash lock applicator for more precision.

To remove

  1. Pinch the edges and slide the magnets sideways or forwards. 
  2. Store them right away in their case, following the curve the same way as they came.

To Clean

It is recommended to clean your Luxx Lash pair after three uses. 

  1. Place your lashes on a cotton pad.
  2. Squeeze enough Luxx Lash Off-Duty Cleanser on one end of a cotton bud. 
  3. Gently stroke the lashes (only) outwards. 
  4. Dip the other end of your cotton bud in water and rinse off the cleanser following the same outward strokes. 
  5. Let it dry and put it back inside its case.

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