Here’s a round of our recommended products for 2022!

1. Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lipsticks
Sunnies Face is my new favorite lipstick line for its modern matte and weightless lipsticks! I love that these good-quality makeup options are available in many universally-flattering shades and, best of all: affordable!

Sunnies Fluffmatte Lipsticks
Best nude lipstick!

Full review here.

2. Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes in Rosie

Eye-opening, feathery, lightweight, and compliments your natural lashes.

Luxxlash Rosie Magnetic Lashes
Hello, Rosie

Full review here.

3. Human Nature Shampoo and Feminine Wash Bar
We love Human Nature’s no-waste packaging for their shampoo and feminine wash! It’s a great option too, whenever we ship them to Thailand since it’s non-liquid and light.

Feminine wash bar
Great option for traveling too!

Full review here.

4. Baby Dove Soothing Moisture
Of course, we’re a Baby Dove family! After years of using the Rich Moisture line, our new favorite is the Soothing Moisture. It has a soothing milk and chamomile scent for babies with sensitive skin.

A pink gift box with baby dove soothing moisture
The gentlest Baby Dove formula yet

Full review here.

5. NaRaYa Bags
No need to travel to Thailand to get a NaRaYa bag! It’s now in Shopee as an overseas shop!

Do not let NaRaYa’s ribbon designs fool you! This NaRaYa carry-all was a gift from my husband three years ago, and it has been used in so many ways. It has been my laptop bag, diaper bag, overnight travel bag, extra luggage and more. It’s incredibly lightweight (so it’s easy to tuck into our luggage’s extra compartment), yet sturdy and durable.

Navy blue naraya bag in a train
My favorite multipurpose bag

6. Love, Bonito Clothing
Finally, a clothing line for Asian women. This women-empowerment brand has been creating classy pieces that are the perfect length and fit for us Asians!

Love Bonito Lilac dress
Photo from Love, Bonito

7. Mi Body Composition Scale 2
Looking beyond the numbers on the scale took on a different meaning for us when we started using the Mi Body Composition Scale. It’s a smart weighing scale that also measures muscle mass, BMI, Bone Mass, Weight, Protein, Visceral Fat, Basal Metabolism, Water, Health Score, Body Size, and Physical Age.

White Smart Body Weighing Scale
Look beyond the numbers when you step into this scale.

We know how stepping on a scale can be uncomfortable for some. It can be vexing, especially when the traditional weighing scale only shows your current weight (which fluctuates quickly!), and be discouraged when it’s tipping on the heavier side. What we do not know is that we could have gained more muscle weight.

So, it’s important to set our goals on more essential and stable things to measure, such as BMI, body fat, and muscle.

8. Deerma Vacuum
Deerma vacuum offers a range of affordable vacuum cleaners for more efficient house cleaning. I’m glad to say goodbye to sweeping the floor twice!

Deerma floor vacuum
Deerma floor vacuum

Full review here.

Made by Maxine Nut Butters
Made by Maxine’s vanilla cashew nut butter was delicious! So it was fun to give their sampler sets as gifts.

9. Cusina Dish Washing Liquid
Even if we moved to another country, my dad still asked me to order a gallon of Cusina dishwashing liquid for him–it’s a proudly Filipino product made with all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients that are gentle to the skin. No more cracked, dry hands for us, and definitely no turning back!

Cusina Natural Dish Soap
Best natural dish soap, in our opinion!

Full review here.

11. LEGO Classic 11014
This is the perfect LEGO Classic expansion set for kids (and kids at heart) obsessed with building vehicles! As always, getting an original LEGO is worth the investment as they’re designed for safe, imaginative play, non-toxic, and practically lasts a lifetime.

LEGO set with lots of wheels
The LEGO Classic 11014

Full review here.

12. IKEA Flisat Book Display

We found out that the best way to introduce the love of reading to our son was to make all of his books accessible to him. We’re glad these shelves allow him to see all of his choices, which entices him more to browse them on his own. Lately, we frequently find him pouring over a variety of his books on his own, thanks to this new arrangement.

IKEA Flisat Book Display Shelf
Tip: Rotate books every two weeks

Similar book shelves on the links below.

What else are you getting this 11.11 sale? Share them in the comments!

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