Once you get yourself “hiyang” (well suited) with a feminine wash, it can be tough to look for alternatives. I toted a few bottles of Human Nature’s feminine wash from the Philippines when we moved to Thailand and even shipped a couple more items via cargo when they were about to run out. 

A bottle of Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash Bottle in Odor Protect
My favorite feminine wash
human nature natural feminine wash for red days bottle
Did you know there’s also a special formula for red days?

The shipping cost is quite a hefty price to pay for feminine care. Try as I might to find a local replacement, none had what I’m looking for in feminine wash so far. My non-negotiables are: natural, maintains the right PH balance, deodorizing, free from SLES/SLS, no parabens, and, as much as possible, a non-synthetic fragrance I can agree with. 

So that still zeroes in on Human Nature Feminine Wash. You can say there’s no turning back for me. Thankfully, Human Nature has introduced them in bar form, making them lighter, more compact, and minimal (to zero) waste. Now it’s easier to bring them abroad and not too troublesome to ask a visiting friend to bring them over.

A box of human nature natural feminine wash bar
All that’s good for you and the planet

Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash Bar

More things to love about this breakthrough feminine care:

  • As always, it’s mild for intimate areas
  • Has mangosteen extract to keep odor and bacteria at bay
  • Includes chamomile that soothes delicate skin (and also fights odor)
  • Made with virgin coconut oil to prevent skin drying
  • It has a mild, natural floral scent
  • No harmful chemicals (free from SLES/SLS, parabens, and synthetic ingredients)

How to Use Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash Bar

A bar of Human Nature Feminine Wash Bar
What’s inside

Take my word for it when I say a little goes a long way. Lather a bit on wet hands and apply. Rinse thoroughly. 

Tip: Keep the bar dry at all times and use a dedicated soap dish with drain.

Where to Get It

The Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash Bar is available on the website. Sign up as a member to score discounts on the products for every order. 

They are also available in Lazada and Shopee at ₱139.75 per 35 grams. That lasts for about six months with proper care. 

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