We are done with K-1! Now what? Our four-year-old son has ten weeks of school break on his hands. We thought we’d make the most of it (and keep our sanities) with a kid-and-parent-friendly schedule and Kid Starter. 

Last day of K-1 photo
Last day of K-1!

If you have been a parent to a toddler for some time, you’d know that too much idle time is a bad idea. We had our share of this during our 14-day quarantine when we moved to Thailand, and we’re glad to have devised a plan to survive it and fight off cabin fever. 

A School Break Plan Doesn’t Mean Designing a Hectic Schedule. 

School Break Schedule for little kids
We made him a schedule he can refer to.

But before you overfill your child’s schedule, take a pause and try to evaluate what stage he’s in. You’d want him to enjoy his break with structure, not exasperate him with a million things to do or with activities that are not age-appropriate. Setting a reasonable expectation will do. 

Little nook for kids with bunting
We hung this “school break bunting” to remind him that school is out, and created this corner for play and learning time

Allocate lots of time for independent play and rest. Our son’s school break plan is inspired by his K-1 school schedule, which has a lot of breaks, play times, and nap times. Our learning time, strictly speaking, is only an hour a day. 

A schedule wall for little kids
He marks the days. We’re introducing the concept of dates to him.

Assess the readiness of your kid. Our son is such an eager beaver for his learning time. He would remind Mark when it’s already 11 AM so they could start the “class.” If your kid doesn’t like to have a learning time from the get-go, respect that and find alternative ways for him to learn. When we started our learning material when he was three years old, sometimes it was a drag to have him sit and do the tasks. Now, he’s more than willing to help Mark prepare the materials on his desk. 

Creative way to let kids choose a movie.
We wrote Disney movies he can choose from for his TV time.

Strategize ways to be able to work. Mark and I are working remotely on a few projects over the school break with chores here and there, so we dedicate blocks of time to attend to that while our son is having his independent play. We set his expectations during these–that mom and dad need to focus, and there is time for playing together. 

Little boy having play time
His toys are all accessible so he can just pick what he wants to do during play time

Lastly, not all kids will like schedules and calendars, but if they do, we hope these tips will be of some help to you.

Kidstarter Curious Curriculum: Fun Activity-Based Learning Guide for Kids

If you need a hand in creating fun and active learning time with your child, try Kid Starter Curious Curriculum! 

Banig activity for kids
Our son loved this banig activity. We watched a video about weavers in Leyte.

As parents, we are amazed by its nice graphics, and imaginative ideas to introduce concepts to kids. Plus, it also instills resourcefulness throughout, encouraging users to look through their recyclables first.

Filipino Corner by Kidstarter
Kidstarter Curious Curriculum has fun Filipino Corners

The Kid Starter curious curriculum is the first-ever Filipino preschool guide, designed by experts on homeschooling and progressive education. It’s an excellent introduction for parents dipping their toes into homeschooling and those who want to create practical and fun learning moments with their preschoolers. And we just have to add: it’s not intimidating and comes with parent guides too!

Triangle shape hunt activity
Shape hunt activity. Who knew looking for triangles can be challenging?
Little boy drawing household items for his shape hunt activity
Drawing what he found for shape hunt

Read our full review here.

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