It’s shallow to buy a book for its cute cover design. Still, I always think that publishers who invest in good graphic designers also have an eye for quality content and qualified authors. Since Kidstarter is a book for toddlers, the illustration was fitting to be lively, bright, and functional. 

More than the design, what piqued my interest is that you, as a teacher or teacher-parent, have opportunities to remix, tweak, or build upon a concept or topic for each lesson. If you are comfortable following the lesson instructions based on the steps and ideas presented, you can do it. However, if you feel more creative or imaginative, the lessons will be a good springboard for more learning activities.

What we like about it: 

1. Lessons are play-based

We asked for materials we could use with our toddler in one of the homeschooling methods overviews we attended, and the facilitator said, “Wala! Paglaruin nyo lang sya!” (None! Let him play!) But she also inspired us to have meaningful play activities and not waste what he can learn from them. 

Shadow play of the three little pigs
Shadow Play

In our experience, it’s hard to make a toddler sit still for five minutes. So it’s excellent that Kidstarter’s activities are rarely a sit-down-lesson thing. Most activities invite kids and parents to go outside, create something, or move. 

Shadow Play Elements
Shadow Play elements

2. It incorporates sustainability practices

Of course, you would need some school supplies for the activities, but we’re happy to read their instructions to re-use items or look through what we’d throw out in a heartbeat and see what we can use for the day’s lessons. 

3. It includes Filipino corners

Instructions are in English, but there are dedicated activities in teaching Filipino to the kids. Tikoy enjoyed his “tao o lugar” paddle and counting in tagalog. 

4. It comes with a teacher guide

Homeschooling activities
They also have recommended books to match the lessons

The best part of this curriculum is that everything is prepared and explained. For parents, the author walks you through the lessons and even comes with encouragement, so we don’t get stressed out when “teaching” gets too challenging. 

5. It’s parent-user friendly

Kidstarter Curious Curriculum
It comes with a parent guide

The curriculum is designed by experts and parent-educators who know what works for students and teachers. It’s not intimidating! KidStarter is user-friendly, practical, and flexible. 

Kidstarter Journal
Kids get a journal, too.

If you are still on the fence about homeschooling your kids or sending them to a nearby pre-school in your area or want to encourage curiosity in them, Kidstarter is an excellent tool to introduce the joy of learning. 

Get one for your kids in Lazada at

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