How I put on my Paige Magnetic Lashes

I get asked a lot about how I put on my Magnetic Luxx Lash Pair. I think the most important step is to prep your lashes: curl them and swipe some mascara.

Other tricks that work for me:
1. Angle the top lashes upwards
2. Snap the outer lash lock on first
3. Try to keep the locks as close as you can to your lash line
4. Slide off the lash locks sideways safely if you need to redo it
5. Tug the lashes on the outer side so it’s set in place

Practice! You can wear them every day. The more often you use them, the easier it will be to apply them. 😊 See what Luxx Lash means when they say “Confidence in a snap?” 😉

You can get it from:

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