It’s our second year of purchasing a one-time, one-year coverage digital insurance policy from Sunlife of Canada via Lazada. Mark, Tikoy, and I have our conventional policies, but we also started getting extra benefits. We hope we don’t have to file a claim, but should something happen, having a policy on hand can be helpful for expenses and whatnot.

Digital insurance policy
Yup, that is PhP 265.00!

I know! An insurance policy in Lazada? What about those pages upon pages of things to fill up and sign? I couldn’t believe it either. But we’re happy about the idea of these affordable and accessible insurance policies for people with different lifestyles and budgets.

A menu of Sunlife Digital Insurance policies
There are different coverages for different lifestyles and budgets.

We encourage our friends and families to get insured, but PhP 60.00 to PhP 300.00 premium is a good start if they’re not ready for that. Sure, the benefits are not as comprehensive as the conventional ones, but it’s better than nothing. And if you do have a policy already, and extra coverage won’t hurt.

A table of sunlife insurance coverage
The coverage isn’t much, but that’s not bad.

All you need to have is a Lazada account because your credentials should be one and the same when you activate your policy. Sunlife will send you a link to fill up your details upon completing your order, and the e-coverage will be sent back. It’s convenient, affordable, quick, and no need for medical examinations and such!

Activating digital insurance
The E-activation will be sent to your email after purchasing.

We hope you can consider getting life insurance if you haven’t already because it’s a good investment. We bought one for Tikoy as soon as he was eligible (after two weeks of life). The sooner you get it, the lower the premium will be, and the sooner you’ll finish it! Of course, it’s good to purchase another one after that.

Our friend and agent congratulating our 3-month old Tikoy for his policy. Let us know if you want a quotation!

To our friends, families, and ex-students who are just starting to work, make it your goal to have insurance coverage. Prioritize it over buying a new phone or gadget (if that’s not an urgent need for your work). Happy adulting!

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