If you didn’t know it yet, moms also need to hear words of affirmation. The more often, the better. Here are a few things she’d love to hear: 

1. You only need to be yourself. She must be following one or two mom figures on social media, and she probably silently wishes to be like her, or worse, asking herself, “Why can’t I be like her?” To borrow a line from Dr. Seuss, “there is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Remind her that comparison is the thief of joy, and she can take on motherhood just as she is. 

Little boy playing with his mom's hair
Play time with my little boy

2. You are making a lasting impact. Moms often doubt if they’re ever doing enough or if their work amounts to something. Motherhood serves a beautiful purpose: raising kind, good humans who will later do the same to others.

DIY Panda mask for school Panda Day
We made this DIY Panda mask for Panda Day.

3. You can take a break. A mom with a thousand hats would sooner check something off her list than take a nap to recover from her exhausting day. Take a load off her chores by helping out, and let her know it’s her right to rest. 

Enjoying some sand time at Eureka Beach Cafe in Hua Hin
Enjoying some sand time at Eureka Beach Cafe in Hua Hin

4. You are beautiful. Most mothers don’t feel as confident about their looks after giving birth or feel a little less than themselves, as the years add. Remind her she’s gorgeous in whatever shape and whatever age.

Mom and son at the beach
Embracing every imperfection

5. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up. Most moms think they have more important things to take care of than attending to themselves. To be honest, sometimes what’s holding them back is the fear of being called vain (it is not, moms!). While her style can accommodate comfort and needs to serve a current role (i.e., breastfeeding clothes), it’s not wrong to like dressing up and wear make-up. Any woman who feels good about her looks tends to feel better and work better.

Mom in a comfy and flattering jumpsuit
It feels nice to dress up from time to time.

Bonus: Sixth, and this goes without saying–assure her that she is loved. 

Say it Better with Luxx Lash’s Kali & the Brown Liner

Luxx Lash's Kali Liner and Lash
Simple and natural look

Luxx Lash introduces the perfect set of lashes for moms, the new Kali & The Brown Liner.

The brown liner
The brown liner

This adhesive liner lash style is everything a mother need: natural-looking, feathery, lightweight, effortless, and easy to wear. It’s the perfect accent to finish her daily look!

The difference a Luxx Lash makes
The difference a Luxx Lash makes

More things to love about the Kali: 

  • They look just like natural lashes
  • It’s beginner-friendly! Just swipe and wear!
  • It complements any look, even without make-up.
  • It’s super lightweight, and you’ll forget it’s there.
  • It can last up to eight hours.

As always, Luxx Lash pieces are made with just the good stuff: cruelty-free and non-toxic ingredients. It’s also sustainable as it can last even beyond 30 uses (with proper care). 

Side view wearing Luxx Lash Kali Liner Lashes with brown liner
How the lashes look like from the side

How to apply the Kali:

Applying Luxx Lash Kali and the Brown Liner
Soft taps to secure my Luxx Lash
  1. Clean and prime your eyelids for easier and better application. The lashes hold better when there’s no oil on the eyelids. You can use a primer or a good dusting of powder or eye shadow works too.
  2. Shake your Luxx Liner, and swipe them near your lash line. About 2-3 swipes should do it!
  3. Let the liner dry for a few seconds, and gently press the lashes on top of the liner with soft to medium pressure. 
  4. To remove them, gently peel off the lashes and (important!) put them back in the case just as they came. Make sure they are still following the curve designed to keep them in shape.
  5. Clean your eyelids with micellar water. 

Want to know more about the Kali? Tune in to #MotherLikeNoOther via IG live on Thursday, May 5, 2022, at 8:00 pm!

Where to get it

Grab the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day with Luxx Lash’s Kali & The Brown Liner. They’re at a promo rate of PhP 999.00 from May 5-19, 2022. Also, Beyond Beauty Eco Collection is at 25% off, and Essentials sets are up to 20% off this whole month!

Visit heyluxxlash.com to buy a pair and use my code, LUXXABI10 for a 10% discount on regular items! Luxx Lash is also available in Shopee and Lazada. 

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