We had an impromptu trip to Say Hay Cafe, an ambient cafe in Nakhon Pathom. It’s a mini-farm and zoo where families can freely stroll around if you’re looking for a space where your kids can enjoy close encounters with nature and animals and see how some vegetables and melons are grown.

The Map at Say Hay Cafe
Start with the map at Say Hay Cafe
Little boy looking at a Giant Arowana in a fish tank
Start your little tour with the fish tanks
Colorful Rainbow Finch in a cage
The Beautiful Rainbow Finch
White bird
Kids will enjoy observing the birds
Pink flamingos
The beautiful flamingoes
The Black Swan
The black swan
Bunniville for rabbits in say hay cafe
The Bunniville
Turtle eating leaves
Hello, Mr. Turtle!
Albino Wallaby at Say Hay CAfe
Albino Wallaby
Black Wallaby
Black Wallaby
The Melon Nursery
The Melon Nursery
Mom and little boy playing on a swing
Share a swing with your little boy!

After a long walk under the afternoon sun, you’ll surely want to cool off with a refreshing drink or fill up with some snacks or a full meal in the cafe.

Say Hay Cafe Entrance
The Cafe


  • Visit early for a less-harsh sun
  • Wear light clothes and bring extras
  • Bring a tumbler of cold water

Say Hay Cuisine Cafe is located at 12, Hom Kret, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73110

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