If there’s any toy that’s “sulit” for our little boy, it’s his LEGOs. We consider them as an investment because, for one, it practically lasts a lifetime (with proper care). In fact, he inherited a set of DUPLOs from his uncles almost three decades his senior. Despite some scratches, they still work and still amuse any child. 

Smiling LEGO minifigs
The minifigs says hi!

Second, the great thing about these open-ended toys is that they seem like they’re new every time. The possibilities are endless! But more than that, we put a premium on these toys as they spark imagination, inspire creativity, and encourage problem-solving skills, and it’s all in the name of fun!

Little boy playing with his first lego set
Our son is always absorbed whenever he builds with his LEGO.

The Difference Between Regular LEGOs and DUPLOs

If you’re wondering which LEGO set to get for your child, particularly if you’re deciding between the regular LEGO and the DUPLO (both are LEGOS), here are a couple of things to note:

Age Appropriateness. DUPLO is designed for children from 18 months to 4 years old while the regular LEGO is for kids 4 years old and above. 

A box of DUPLO
Our son’s first DUPLO set

Size. DUPLO is designed for tiny hands with sizes twice as much as LEGO’s. Preschoolers can pick up and build better with DUPLO’s chunkier and bigger blocks. 

A DUPLO Christmas tree
A DUPLO Christmas treee

Safety. DUPLO’s double size compared to the regular LEGO prevents choking if toddlers decide to put them in their mouths. It also has duller edges compared to the precise ones of LEGO. 

DUPLOs are big enough to prevent choking
DUPLOs are big enough to prevent choking

Precision. The regular LEGO’s flat plates help builders create more precise pieces, while DUPLO’s chunkier bricks allow other imaginative creations. 

Little boy doing an inventory of LEGOs
Doing an inventory of his LEGOs at the end of the day.

Level of Pain. Based on our experience, stepping on a single LEGO brick is 10 times more painful than stepping on a DUPLO (you’re a parent when you know what we mean!). Still, do not underestimate the “baby LEGO.”

Little boy engrossed in playing LEGO
If your child loves LEGOs, watch out for the pieces on the floor!
Stacked lego and duplo box
LEGO and DUPLO boxes can be stacked together
Green LEGO base
Get a LEGO base for your kids! It’s helpful when they build

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing LEGO DUPLO 10572
Unboxing LEGO DUPLO 10914

Where to Buy LEGOs in the Philippines

LEGOs are available in toy stores nationwide. But you can buy them online from the official LEGO store through the links below:

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