It would never cross our wildest imaginations to encounter and interact with a live elephant–at least for the millennial parents such as ourselves. While massive elephant shows are popular in Thailand, we are happy to choose the kinder way of mingling with these gentle giants through the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation in Hua Hin.

Little boy visiting Hutsadin Elephant Foundation
Say hello to Boon Mee the Elephant

The Hutsadin Elephant foundation is a wildlife refuge that rescues mistreated and abandoned elephants in Thailand. It’s a non-profit organization that brings employment to locals and restores elephants that were otherwise left for dead to better health.

Boon Mee the rescued elephant in hutsadin elephant foundation
Boon Mee the Elephant. His tusks were hacked short by poachers.

The foundation offers activities for families such as showering the elephants, feeding (a basket heaping of fruits and vegetables for the elephants).

A mahout showing visitors how to feed elephants
A mahout cares for the elephant and guides visitors throughout the activities
Showering Boon Mee the elephant
Showering Boon Mee the elephant
Feeding fruits and veggies to the elephants
Guests can buy a basket of fruits and vegetables to feed the elephant.
Our son loved feeding Boon Mee the elephant

Our experience was one for the books, especially for our son, Tikoy, a fan of Horton, the elephant. As a parent, we would love to instill kindness for animals in our little boy by introducing efforts like these, not to mention creating fun experiences for him to remember.

Songkran the elephant at hutsadin elephant foundation
Songkran the elephant is the youngest of the herd, only 14 years old and was born during the Songkran.
Little boy hugging Songkran the elephant
We were surprised that our son volunteered to hug Songkran the elephant!
Guest hugging an elephant at hutsadin elephant foundation
Parents are welcome to interact with the herd.
An elephant saying sawasdee krub!
Songkran can say, “Sawasdee Krub!”
Elephant collecting tips
The foundation runs on donations, so tip your elephants and mahouts!

​Visit the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation with your family at:
176 M7, Hua Hin
Nongplub Road
Prachuab Khiri Khan
77110 Thailand

Tel: (032) 827 098
(032) 827 100

Tel: 08 6683 2062 (English speaking between 09:00 AM
and 05:00 PM Thai time)

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