Luxx Lash launched their new clear liner because beauty shouldn’t be intimidating. I couldn’t agree more.

The Luxx Line and Lash

Last year, my boys gave me a Luxx Line and Lash pair with a black pen liner. True to its promise, it creates instantly fuller lashes. But there are a few things that held me back from donning my pair often: 1. Perfectly lining my eyes can be a daunting task. 2. Sometimes, I prefer a simple look (sans the cat eyes).

Unboxing the Luxx Line and Lash Pair Holiday Set
Wearing my Luxx Line and Lash in Luna (the most subtle style yet).
Drawing similar lines have always been my struggle. 😔

The Clear Liner

The clear liner

Thankfully, the new Luxx Liner in clear is designed for a foolproof application that gives eyeliner non-pros like me the freedom from mistakes. It’s also a great accent whenever you want fresh and full lashes to complement your everyday make-up.

How it works: 

Precision point

The clear Luxx Liner is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds the lashes together with a few soft-to medium pressure taps. 

As you would expect from Luxx Lash, the clear liner is: 

  • non-toxic
  • vegan
  • made with cruelty-free ingredients

How to use it: 

1. Prepare your eye lids. It works best with primed eye-lids (but powder or eye make-up will do!).

2. Shake the Luxx Liner well.

3. For a better hold and properly blend with your luxx lashes, curl your natural lashes and put on some mascara.

4. Apply 2-3 swipes of the Luxx Liner in clear above your lash line.

5. Wait for at least five seconds and gently press the lashes on top of the liner.

Note: The Luxx Liner Lashes are best used when indoors. 

What I like about it:

1. It’s not glue and won’t harm your skin.

I tried the clear liner as soon as I received it. And as my toddler is my tail right now, I accidentally poked my eye with the tip of the liner while swiping. Surprisingly, it didn’t sting, and the slight discomfort I felt was only from having a foreign object touching my eye. I still washed it off with running water (to be sure), but it’s assuring to know that the Luxx Liner is made with safe ingredients.

P.S. Since then, a new rule is established in our household: no toddlers running around when mom puts on make-up. 😆

2. It goes with a simple, yet made up look.

When you just want to achieve an effortless look.

All Luxx Lashes are designed to look natural with wispiness in all the right places, and subtle curls to blend with your natural lashes (but different levels of drama are available for every need, of course!). However, I find that the black liner can define my eyes so much that it’s best reserved for special occasions.

With the clear liner, you can achieve that “effortlessly made-up” look appropriate for those Zoom meetings or just your everyday chill look.

3. You don’t have to wait.

After a few swipes and at least five seconds (pretty much the time to line your other eye and pick up your lashes), you can attach it right away with a few soft touches.

My Experience

Admittedly, I’m not as handy with my Luxx Line and Lash as I am with the magnetic ones. I had some trouble putting the lashes on. In observed that it starts to pop off my eyelids’ inner corner within an hour, and the rest comes off in four hours.

Lash fail
Notice how the lash starts to pop out.
Falsies removed
Completely removed after four hours.

My Struggle

It wasn’t a success at first, and I realized that my struggle comes from:

-The length of my Luxx Lashes was longer than what could fit on my eyelids, so it doesn’t cling properly. (I have since corrected this by trimming the outer lashes a bit, and it was easier to apply afterward)
-I have oily eyelids and benefited from a proper primer and a good amount of powder.
-I tended to touch the adhesive with my fingers which might have an impact on its hold.
-I’m busy and move around a lot. The Line and Lash pair work best when used indoors and with minimal activity.

So I promised myself to keep practicing and maybe get myself a lash tweezer for an easier application. By the tenth try, I was able to prepare and apply everything properly. It stayed on for a whole afternoon! Yay!

Wearing Luxx Lash and Line with clear liner

The Verdict

I was very happy to have gotten the hang of applying my Luxx Line and Lash pair with the clear liner. Finally, I didn’t have to worry about lining my eyes symmetrically (it takes so much time and patience), giving me a casually made-up look without the hassle.

My Take Aways

1. If you’re a busy mom like me, stick to the magnetic lashes. Since this mom’s life is rarely a sit-down thing, I still prefer wearing the magnetic ones because it holds securely even when I have a busy day or work outdoors.

2. The best pair for you depends on your lifestyle. Consider the occasion you’ll wear your Luxx Lash for: Is it going to be indoors? Will you be moving a lot? Check out Luxx Lash’s guide below:

Here’s a guide in deciding which pair to get.

3. You will still feel that you have falsies on. Of course, the Luxx Lash is a thousand times better than the conventional fake lashes as it is non-toxic, safe, and lightweight. However, yes, it will still feel a little different because there is something on your eyelids. But perhaps you will get used to it when you use it frequently.

4. Keep safe and sterilize your pair. To eradicate as much risk from this pandemic as possible, wash your hands thoroughly before applying and removing the lashes. It’s beneficial to UV sterilize your pair every time you put them on and remove it for at least five minutes, making sure everything is exposed to the UV light.

If you’re on the fence about getting a pair, my previous review on the magnetic lashes might help.

Where to Get It

You can also purchase from:

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