It’s always a yes for dark chocolate, am I right? And as for us, the darker, the better!

VPharma PH marks their 5th year of providing high-quality wellness products with a collaboration with Auro Chocolate, an “award-winning, single-origin, tree-to-bar chocolate company that sustainably sources their cacao beans from Filipino farmers.”

Their collab products come in four different flavors: white, milk, and dark with 64% and 77% intensity, so there’s one for everyone. Each bar is powered with known natural galactagogues to help boost milk supply in nursing mothers. But of course, the wonders of moringa also includes properties that build the immune system. 

Here are our thoughts: 

Auro 32% White Chocolate with Mega-Malunggay and Pinipig 

This bar is Mark’s favorite, being a nod to matcha-flavored chocolate except that it’s moringa coupled with crispy pinipig for texture. We’re glad that it’s not sickeningly sweet as we would expect from other brands, but do prepare for that hint of bitterness from moringa. Just like matcha, it can be an acquired taste. 

Auro 42% Milk Chocolate with Herbilogy Turmeric and Malunggay Flakes

If you’re into smooth, creamy, and milky chocolate, then this one’s for you! It’s uncommon for us to hear of turmeric mentioned along with chocolates (but then again, this whole collaboration probably is), and it was indeed, unapologetically, a different combination of flavors altogether. Still, the creaminess of the milk chocolate balances it out. 

Auro 64% Dark Chocolate with Mega-Malunggay, Herbilogy Fenugreek and Dried Mango

This, on the other hand, is reminiscent of a fruit and nuts bar. We’re not pretending to be experts here, but this chocolate has a fruity essence that you’d almost assume there should be some actual fruit inside (if you didn’t read the label). We like that the dried mango has a bite to it and doesn’t get lost in the details. 

Auro 77% Dark Chocolate with Mega-Malunggay Callets

The callets are made for baker titas and titos, as these large chips are perfect for baking and melting. You can easily detect the mega-malunggay, but blends well with the 77% dark chocolate. 

The Verdict

It’s definitely not the chocolates we’re used to, but a fusion of quality cacao and supplements for mothers looking to increase their milk supply. We think it’s good to expect that it’s different, because—simply put—it is different.  If you’ve had your share of nursing treats, you’ll probably know what we mean. Ultimately, it’s a welcome snack for moms that finally involves real chocolate. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s going to someone else’s thighs, this time. 😉 )

So, moms (and dads!), grab these chocolates at the We Nourish Official Online Store

For more Auro Chocolates, click here.

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