Does your Luxx Lash pair pop out too soon? Here are some tips to help keep them on longer (and put them on easier!). Product links included.

1. For Luxx Line and Lash, prime your eyelids.

Quick FX CC Cream
This CC Cream can act as foundation and a primer.

Dab some primer or put on some eye makeup first before swiping the liner. This helps absorb oil and keep your eyelids matte, further securing your Luxx Lashes in place.

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier
My favorite primers

Quick FX CC Cream

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Quick FX No Shine Mattifier

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2. Curl + Mascara

Magnetic Lashes essentials: eyelash curler and mascara to keep your falsies in place.
My lash trio: curler, mascara, and Luxx Lash

Get your trusty eyelash curler and swipe some mascara on your lashes before putting on your magnetic ones. It will help achieve a natural look as your lashes will have the same curl as your Luxx Lashes. Also, this acts as a support so they stay in place.

My favorite, affordable curler and mascara:

Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara

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Basicare Eyelash Curler

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3. (Don’t freak out!) Cut your Luxx Lash according to your eye size.

Trimming a magnetic lash for the perfect fit.
Use a small, sharp scissor and trim (little by little) from the outer edges first.

Luxx Lash is designed to suit Asian eyes, but not all eyes are created equal. Even your own eyes wouldn’t have the exact same size. I previously encountered some issues with my pair where the left lash seems to always peel off too soon, until I realized that there was an excess length on my Luxx Lash. After I snipped it off, it was easier to put on and it stays on.

4. Use the right pair for the occasion.

Wearing Luxx Lash's Line and Lash in clear indoors
Wearing my line and lash pair for online meetings

If you’re going to be outside, use the magnetic lashes. If you are staying indoors, the line and lash pair will just be perfect.

Wearing luxx lash magnetic lashes in Paige for outdoor events
Paige magnetic lashes for this pre-covid garden wedding

The above tips can also help you put on your Luxx Lash easily, but the best way to master that is practice. Wear them everyday! It can last for months of everyday use. Also, if you can, give each one (line and lash and magnetic) a try and see which works better for you. I can snap on my magnetic lashes easier than my line and lash pair, while it’s the other way around with my sister.

Where to Get It

Get a pair now!

Need help to decide if you should get one? Here are my reviews:

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