We realized how cluttered our storage area had been last 2020. So we started looking for plain drawers. We were surprised to discover that Orocan, a staple home brand in Filipino households, has a line of minimalist designs! (To put that in context, we associate them with loud colors when we were growing up.)


1. It’s mostly white with grays on the side, so it passes as a minimalist style for the home, or if you’re #TeamPuti all the way.

Gray and white minimalist drawer

2. We bought the items from a shop that thoroughly checks all the drawers before we sign that’s in all in good condition. In our experience, one drawer was defective, so the delivery guy went back to the truck (a huge one!) to replace it.

3. The top drawers have keys, which is typical with Orocan drawers.


1. There are two big stickers on the drawers, so you have to remove them to achieve a clean look. It’s pretty tough to peel off, so we needed some special skills and techniques we learned from the Home Buddies Facebook group. 

The safety locks of Orocan Cubico Drawer

2. After a few weeks, the plastic smell still lingers. If you grew up with the brand, you know what we mean. 

3. Since the drawers aren’t transparent, you will need to put labels for easy access and recall. 

4. The drawers have ridges and texture, which will inevitably accumulate dust. Regular cleaning is a must!

White Orocan Cubico Drawer

We bought ours from Shopee because the shop sells them for less (by PhP 150.00) than Lazada last January. When we checked recently, there’s only a PhP 50.00 difference. The game-changer for us was the free delivery from Shopee within Metro Manila.

Here are the links:

Shopee: bit.ly/3bnNRjd

Lazada: bit.ly/2NcoyZv

Yup, you’re welcome.

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