Here are ideas that could bring sparkles to a mom’s eyes!

1. New Loungewear or Everyday Shirt

It feels nice to step out of our old pambahay clothes or better, retire our worn shirts with holes (unless it still sparks joy). For work-from-home or stay-at-home moms, a good loungewear outfit or a set of comfortable, everyday shirts will suit our daily activities. A comfy Zoom-ready top would be awesome too!

Buy a good basic shirt in different colors.
When you find a good shirt, buy them in different colors! This is my favorite shirt from ForMe. Glad to not have to think about what to wear every day!
Comfortable lounge wear and daily wear
Regatta Daily Wear pieces. (Photos from Regatta Lifestyle)

2. Comfy Slip-Ons

Do not underestimate the power of a good slipper. I’ve had my share of cute but flimsy ones, which adds to the fatigue of everyday work. It’s always better to spend for quality that can last for years!

Shopping for pink flip flops.
You almost can never be wrong with pink Havaianas. Mine lasted for 3 years! (Photo from Havaianas)

3. Snacks

Moms appreciate having something to nibble on when the hunger comes, or when we just need a piece of dark chocolate for one of those days. P.S. assure her that she doesn’t have to share. 

WeNourish's mystery box gift set
The WeNourish mystery box (photo by B Mercado)

Click here to read our WeNourish Mystery Box review.

4. Fitness equipment

More than keeping their figure, exercise helps strengthen moms and improve their mood. 

Jump for health! (Photo from Jump Manila)

5. A Love, Bonito Dress

If she has come across this woman-empowering brand, she would probably have a couple of screenshots of pieces she likes. Get her one for your date night. 

Browsing Love, Bonito dresses
Tip: take a bee line to the best sellers.

6. A Luxx Lash Pair

I can’t stop raving about Luxx Lash–how it elevates our look in just a snap, and it’s sustainable too! 

Wearing Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes in Ziva
Wearing my Line and Lash in Ziva

More reviews here:

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How to Keep Your Luxx Lash on Longer

7. Plants

Do you have a plantita mom? Be an enabler and fund her little garden!

A box of plants
A box of herbs from Patty’s Garden.

8. Makeup

Because we like looking good.

When it comes to gifting makeup, you can’t go wrong with the basics.

9. Lumispa

She would love the thought (and generosity) behind this game-changer of a home spa device. 

Using Nu Skin Lumispa
No turning back for us

Read our reviews and how to get it at a member price here:

LumiSpa Review: The Game Changer in Home Spa Devices

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10. Essential Oils Set

If your lady is a budding oilbularya or is a fan of anything natural for the family and home, a Young Living Essential Oils Set is a welcome gift. It’s not limited to diffusing, but she can also concoct different mixtures for cleaning, haplas, immune boosters, and yes, there are food-grade oils, too!

Dainty looking Young Living Lantern Diffuser with essential oils
Natural Detergent

Contact us if you’re interested!

We hope this list helps you in getting the perfect gift for moms! If you are a mom and you’re reading this, don’t feel bad about buying something for yourself. 😊

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