You can say I’m lazy when it comes to skincare. Besides my holy grail of toner, moisturizer, and sunblock, any other step would be a chore already. Come to think of it, the most diligent I got with facial spas was only during our wedding preparation, and that’s it. Thank you. Goodbye.

Yet living the last of my 20’s, I can’t help but think about stepping up my regimen game. So when this box of LumiSpa came, I told myself I might as well try it since everything’s going downhill from here.

NuSkin's LumiSpa box with Age Loc Cleanser

The Anatomy of a LumiSpa

NuSkin's LumiSpa unboxing photo

Stand & Charger

The first step when you open your LumiSpa is to charge the device overnight to power it for 7-day use. We like its light indicator that slowly moves up and down on the handle (like a lava lamp) to show that it’s charging. Once it stops, it means it’s time to unplug it.

Soft Silicone Treatment Head

This cutesy blue treatment head is perhaps the game changer to home spa devices as it’s embedded with anti-microbial silver, giving its users a safer, more hygienic way of treating the face. It’s also gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause abrasion as bristles do.


Each LumiSpa session lasts for two minutes

It Promotes Skin Renewal

LumiSpa is a first-of-its-kind facial care device that promises a dual-action skincare experience that brings dramatic skin renewal while giving your face a deep cleanse. It uses a Micropulse Oscillation technology, a fancy way to say “move at a precise frequency” that stimulates skin renewal. This, in turn, helps reveal smoother skin.

It’s Gentle Yet Deep Cleansing

Our faces have so much gunk if truth be told. Even when we’re all stuck at home in this pandemic, so much dirt and oil can still accumulate on the skin. It’s too bad that it’s also a sensitive area that can’t stand thorough scrubbing. The genius of LumiSpa is that it effectively cleanses away dirt, makeup (yes, even if you only wear them for important Zoom meetings), pollutants, and even toxins without harming your skin using its oscillation technology.

It Tightens Pores

The device also promotes skin-tightening action that makes your pores appear tighter and feel smoother.

It’s Relaxing

True, a two-minute treatment felt like something I would beg off of at the start because, as a mom, I usually hurry with everything that I do. I kept thinking of the list of things I need to accomplish as I went through the treatment. But then, what would two-minutes of self-care do? It’s not much of a dent, really, just something I need to get used to. Later on, I decided to enjoy these little pockets of me-time to relax and breathe.

It’s Waterproof

Except for the charging dock, the whole unit is waterproof, so you can station it in the bathroom. This made it easier for me to not even think about skipping a session.

The Verdict

We noticed a glow on our skin after using LumiSpa for a couple of weeks!

Being the tipid (frugal) mom that I am, I was very skeptical at first, especially when I learned about its price. This basic unit alone goes for PHP 14,000.00, but when you weigh the cost and other incurred expenses (not to mention the risk) of going to spas to get separate treatments these days, this is a far more affordable option with proven results.

I didn’t expect a difference right after the first try but when I touched my face, I was shocked to feel how supple and soft it was. I didn’t experience any break out due to new product adjustment, save for a few little pimples when I was about to have my period. But what I noticed was that it dried up easily and it was prevented from growing into a full zit. And although the two minutes of session twice a day felt like a stretch for the first few days, I now look forward to my LumiSpa sessions and feel good about finally taking an intentional step in taking better care of my skin.

If you wish to purchase, all you have to do is to create an account (for free and no minimum purchase required), add the item to cart and then use our code upon check out to get LumiSpa at a discount.

  1. Visit NuSkin and browse “Ageloc LumiSpa.”

2. Click “add to cart”, then click the shopping cart icon on the upper right. Check the items if they’re correct.

3. Click “check out”. It will take you to a sign in page. Click “sign up”

4. Click “brand affiliate”, then select “personal brand affiliate account”

5. Input our code: PH00016743 on the “sponsoring brand affiliate ID”, and then fill up the other required details.

6. Once you’re done, you can check out your LumiSpa at for only PhP 9,800.00 (regular price is PhP 14,000.00). Nu Skin will deliver the item directly to you and you’ll be able to monitor it on the website. Since you’re a member already, you can purchase any Nu Skin product at 30% off.


  • They ship globally
  • There are no minimum purchases
  • You can earn with NuSkin if you choose to

Hope this helps! We highly recommend LumiSpa. You’ll see and feel the difference right after 1 use

Read our review after a year of using LumiSpa here.

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