We hate surprises. But life is too short to live in fear of mystery boxes, so we checked one out for the first time in our lives at We Nourish. (We’re not exaggerating)

weNOURISH is a mindful, safe, and convenient space for discerning consumers to get all their health and wellness products in one place.

Check out our unboxing video

Here’s what we like about it: 

They offer same-day delivery.

We ordered our mystery box after lunch and received it on the evening of the same day! We were impressed by how fast and efficient their system is.

They have excellent packaging.

Toddler looking at a wellness box

Maybe it’s just for packaging suckers like ours, but we swooned at WeNourish’s beautiful boxes and how the items were securely packed. Perhaps not a lot would think of it as a big deal, but in our opinion, these little details tell you how much a brand thinks about its customers–aside from branding and marketing, of course. Since it’s pretty on its own, it’s perfect for gifting!

They offer curated local and international products.

Mystery box spread
What’s inside our mystery box

Part of the surprise is the range of local and imported items you get to discover in a box. It’s a joy to learn about some of our very own products that go beyond healthy: they’re also sustainable and support local farmers and communities! Our #SupportLocal hearts are happy!

A close up of hummingbird fruit spreas

They’re all about health and wellness.

You can find everything that’s healthy on their website, from supplements, healthy food alternatives, and beverages to cooking essentials. 

We’ve heard so many horror stories about underwhelming mystery boxes, but we’re pleasantly surprised with WeNourish’s with its handpicked items that are, well, healthy and nourishing. 

Try a box from wenourish.ph!

Mystery Boxes are available in three prices- 500 pesos, 1000 pesos, and 2500 pesos.

2 replies on “WeNourish Mystery Box Review

  1. Nice idea! A box full of goodies wd local and imported products.
    I hate surprises too but iyong surprise na nakaka sad hihi but for a box knowing that it has items na every moms would love to have, okay to. Love the pink salt and curious sa hummingbird spreads. Eto ung mystery box na sulit


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