Now that most of us have gotten in touch with our plantita-and-tito-selves, let’s dress up the little darlings, shall we?

We’re probably on the basic level of plant savvy-ness but we’re liking it

We recently added a few installments to give the house an extra homey and relaxing vibe with a set of plant stands and baskets from Casa Elliz.

Casa Elliz

Casa Elliz curates beautiful pieces of furniture and accents for the Filipino Home that combines quality, function, and local artistry to each piece.

The baskets brought contrast to our all-green indoor plants

We have been looking for larger baskets to contain our bigger plants for a while, and it has been quite a challenge since we only shop online. We couldn’t inspect its sturdiness and material because our tipid-selves want to get our money’s worth.

As we browsed through their Instagram, we were already impressed with their styling and completeness of the details from material to price. We just appreciate sellers who are transparent about these things, saving us time from sending “HM sis?” messages and the wait for a reply.

A toddler among planters
We’re not the only ones happy with our purchase

So when our order arrived, Mark commented “Hala, totoo talaga sya!” (Wow, it’s legit!) We’re so happy that the baskets weren’t flimsy and were already coated to protect it from bugs and daily-wear.

Close up of a Philippine-made woven basket
This woven basket is coated not just for the aesthetics but also to protect it from deterioration

As for the stands, we’re biased when comes to minimalist designs so these are just perfect!

Bring these artful creations to your home! Check out Casa Elliz at:



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