Remember, remember the fifth of November.

Today is our family-Instagram anniversary! We honestly didn’t know what we were getting into at first, but many moons later, we’ve grown our reach and encountered fellow parents, nano/micro-influencers, PR agents, and brand managers. We’re happy to be on this platform where we can share the joys and pains of parenting.

Through the years, we always go back to the following “whys” because these keep us grounded:

Active Parenting: We’re raising Tikoy with no electronic gadgets until he turns five years old. So, with our day time jobs and working from home, it’s hard to keep him busy on his own. He is “free-range” around the house on most hours of the day, but he always wants us near him or at least sitting where he can see us. Despite our busy schedule, we try to be intentionally present for him: enjoying playtime, teaching him how to name his emotions, disciplining him, and being attentive to his questions even if he has asked, “What dinosaur are you” for the 100th time in a day already.

Toddler chef
Exploring the kitchen with his tiny hands

Ambitious Learning: Our son will have his “formal” education when he turns five. But as early as now, we teach him basic literacy and numeracy through our Five Minutes with Tikoy activities on weekdays. Ambitious teaching guides learners to meet high but achievable learning outcomes. We want to create meaningful learning experiences for our son to love his education and not shun away from it. We also understand that he takes time to learn new things, so we are arming ourselves with tons of patience.

Five-minute learning time with toddler
Counting sushi with Tikoy

Support Local: We love supporting farmers, artists, and small and local businesses because the little boost we could give (product posting, writing honest reviews, and recommending them) can:

  1. Be just what they need to put food on their tables
  2. Some of the best products are just in the neighborhood, waiting to be shared.
  3. We have a small business ourselves and can empathize with other businesses.
Strawberries in plastic trays
Getting our strawberries direct from farmers through different initiatives. Our favorites are Session Groceries, Sadiwa, and Bahay Kubo Mart.

Honest Reviews: You know what are some of the internet’s greatest gifts to the world? It’s unboxing videos and honest reviews. We have high regard for quality, functional, and durable baby and lifestyle products and are eager to recommend products that can truly deliver.

Swaddies PH Water Absorbent bed mat in dinosaur print.
We can’t recommend this enough because Swaddies PH is the one bed mat you’ll ever need.

Life Hacks: We share our discoveries and tips because it can save parents the trouble of, say, removing the stink from cloth diapers–which can really be a problem sometimes.

Because cloth diapering is one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents.

Encourage Other Parents and Parents-to-Be: It helps to have a tribe and a real picture of family life when you really don’t know what you’re doing. (It’s ok, parents, we learn as we go!)

Yawning newborn baby
Hear you me, this once-tiny-human turned our lives around.

Saved by Grace: Ultimately, we pray that our lives shine the light for others because Jesus died for our sins so we can have life and have it to the full.

Blue and white themed family photo

Thank you for being with us in this journey!

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