Saturdays are for market trips. During the first few months of our new lives here in Thailand, I bought fresh produce in the nearby talat (market) with our neighbor friend every two weeks.

Thai veggies at the talat
Discovered “new” veggies at the talat.

I like scoring fresh items, discovering new finds, and learning more about the country’s culture through food. After all, grocery and market days are a parent’s trip to the toy store.

Thai dried fish at the talat
Local food to try

Yet to some (like me), life and its busyness can take their toll, so I’d rather have my weekends for myself. We tried getting our fish, meats, fruits, and veggies from the grocery a few times. Sadly, some of the options are neither as fresh nor as many as in the market. So Mark and I agreed to try the delivery services available in Thailand, making a beeline to Freshket. 

Freshket has competitive prices

Our Experience

Their app is well designed. 

Freshket app preview
Browsing the Freshket app

You know that annoying glitch and crashes you usually encounter with most online grocery apps? Freshket’s items load quickly after searching. The app is intuitive, making it easy to navigate from registration, adding to cart, and payment. 

They have a wide variety of options for food and cooking needs.

Online market grocery categories
The categories

Freshket is like a one-stop-online shop for homes and restaurants, serving everything related to food. I was able to get some grocery items when I ordered our veggies and meats.

Their products are fresh.

Sealed frozen meats
Fresh, clean, and sealed.
Sealed young jackfruit
Young jackfruit

True to their name, the items we received were fresh and were packed securely to stay that way.

The prices are competitive.

Measuring how tall the pandan plant is side by side with a child.
When the pandan is as long as your child.

Admittedly, I have yet to master the skill of bargaining or memorizing the appropriate rates for the produce here, but they aim to match the rates in the wet markets. I’ll take their word for it.

They take care of your order.

Stacked freshket containers

When I first saw the delivery guy with his motorbike stacked with reusable boxes, I thought to myself, “Surely not all of those are ours?” I know I ordered produce good for two weeks, but the packages looked like I was about to feed a crowd for days! 

Freshket delivery man
The items are segregated to avoid contamination and bruising on the fruits and veggies

I was relieved when the delivery guy opened the boxes and saw that the veggies were segregated and were given much space so they don’t arrive bruised on your doorstep. Whew! 

They send updates about your order.

You can track your order on the app, and they also send you messages when it’s about to leave their shop and how many minutes you can expect it to arrive. 

They have good chat customer service.

Raw pork belly
I’m down for a good crispy pork belly, but I need my sliced ones.

I had a hiccup on my second order. I had two options: keep the unsliced pork belly for the holidays, or (I thought) go through the excruciating experience of having it replaced. I am glad their chat support works and they resolved our problem in no time!

Freshket's customer service chat
Believe me, I had my share of waiting on hours on queue for nothing. But Freshket responded right away!

They provide safe and contactless delivery.

Regarding our current situation, I’d rather avoid crowds and still choose to minimize exposure to the virus (despite most establishments opening up). The threat of the pandemic is still there. We think our ordering days are here to stay. 

The Verdict

Fresh packed produce from Freshket
This mom needs her weekend coke.

We can’t complain about our experience. The items arrived on time, and everything ran smoothly from purchase to delivery. Of course, we can’t do some things, like getting a specific weight for the items or the exact pieces we need for okra, but it’s something one can look over for the convenience the service offers. 

Get 30 THB off your first order!

Join me on Freshket! Use the promo code FRESHY147492 and get 30 THB off on your first purchase! Try shopping at your convenience from Freshket and discover a better way to buy your restaurant food supplies at your fingertips! Order now:

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