Now that we are spending most of our time at home, we have started to think more about improving or renovating our living spaces. Especially for those who have been working from home, the lines between work and family have been blurred for months now. One of the ways that we can achieve being “home from work” and not always “work from home” is when we have a nook, a chair, or a room where we can lie down, relax or spend time with our family.

We have curated three #stealthatlook ideas if you are planning to refresh your living room.

Style #1: White & Grey

smart grey themed living room

Capsule wardrobes are gaining popularity these days. Aside from being classic, neutral colors are easier to mix and match, whether for clothes or living room designs. Adding some white pieces will help you achieve contrast and balance with this style.

The Pieces

Note: product links are included on the names of the pieces and pictures.

1. Lucy Sectional Sofa Set Grey

Grey Sectional sofa
A handsome couch

2. Feni Center Table

Wooden center table
Simple yet eye catching center table

3. Suede Throw Pillows Grey

Suede pillow case
Sometimes, the pillows help complete the look.

4. Suede Throw Pillows Beige

Suede pillow case

5. Suede Throw Pillows Brown

Suede pillow case

6. Ceramic Gold Metal Vase

White and gold elegant metal vase
Elegance in white and gold

7. Metal Floor Lamp With Table Tri Base

Metal floor lamp with wooden base
The base can double as a side table

8. Country Collections Carpet

Accent carpet

Style #2: All Things Bright and Beautiful

For some people, loud colors make them feel alive and keep them on their toes to accomplish their #lifegoals. If you like a dash of bright pink, yellow and blue, then this living room style is for you! Here are some of the pieces that we curated to achieve this look.

Bright living room with color accents

1. Sabrina 3-Seater Couch

You can also choose a subtler hue that goes with your theme

2. Wild Life Carpet

3. Colton Drop Light

Add an interesting piece to your ensemble

4. Computer/Study Table

Tip: choose tables with function–drawers are essential

5. Swivel chair

Pick a chair that supports your back

6. Yellow Fringed Pillow Case

Have some fun with pillow cases!

7. White Fringed Pillow Case

Style #3: Light and Airy

Photography and editing software popularized the concept of light and airy, which is often characterized by bright surroundings, high ceilings, and wooden pieces. Eventually, people started innovating their living spaces to exude such a look and feel. Below are some details to steal this look.

Photo by @spacejoy from

1. Aiken 2-seater Sofa

If your space is a little tight, go for 2-seater sofas.

2. Center Table

3. Accent Chair

Give yourself a favorite chair. These pieces can be your space when you’re in your element.

4. Orange Suede Throw Pillow

5. White Suede Pillow Cases

6. Side Table

The best part for this side table is: none of your stuff falls.

7. Woven Baskets

buri baskets
Add some rustic, Filipino items to your mix!

Where to Get It

All Home is your one-stop online shop for everything for the home–renovation needs, beds & mattresses, interior decoration, and even groceries! Visit their website and grab the items you need for your home at

Direct links to the products are included on the titles and pictures so you’re just a click away!

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