Unfortunately, we couldn’t find our go-to kid-safe sunblock here when we prepared for our recent beach trip. So we scoured the internet for affordable, safe sunscreen for our little boy and the clear winner was Kindee Organic sunscreen lotion.

Kindee Natural and Organic Products
We tried their other products too

I remember visiting their booth in one of the Mommy Mundo Expos back in the Philippines. What first caught my eye was their cute packaging–I know, that’s a minor thing a mom would consider when buying a baby product, but admittedly, we’re suckers for good ones.

I never thought I’d try it a couple of years later, in a different country. We browsed their shop and learned that their products are organic, natural, and certified hypoallergenic. To make the most of the shipping fee, we allowed ourselves to try their other products.

Here’s what we think:

Kindee Sunscreen Lotion

A tube of Kindee Natural and Organic Sunscreen lotion
I told you their packaging is cute!

-For face and body
-SPF 40 PA+++
-PABA Free
-No Parabens

Toddler's face shines because of sticky sunscreen
The sunscreen shine

It was easy to spread and comes with Aloe Vera to moisturize the skin while protecting it. We would have liked it to have a higher SPF level and be less sticky, but hey, it does the job!

Kindee Organic Mosquito Lotion

Lavender Mosquito Repellent Lotion

-Natural formula
-DEET free
-No parabens
-No perfume
-With Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oil
-Repels mosquitos for up to 3 hours
-For newborn babies and up

We were not into essential oils back when our son was an infant, and I couldn’t find an insect repellent for him because what was available in the market were usually for kids two years old and up. If you live in a tropical country, you know how pesky mosquitoes are and their threat of bringing Dengue fever.

Kindee’s Organic Mosquito Lotion is a nice-smelling, infant-safe formula that keeps these annoying bugs at bay. I have to stress “nice-smelling” because, in my experience with natural solutions, they usually come in a strong citronella scent, which I’m rather not fond of.

Kindee Organic Food Grade Hand Sanitizer

Kindee Food Grade Sanitizer
Me upon reading the product name: there’s such a thing as a food grade hand sanitizer?

-Sweet orange scent
-Contains 72.5% Alcohol
-Made with natural ingredients
-No residue
-Kills virus, bacteria and mold

When we can’t wash our hands, the most convenient option is to use hand sanitizers. There are several available natural options, yet Kindee offers a food-grade sanitizer, so it’s safe for kids to eat with their hands or put them in their mouths in the cases of smaller babies. Other than that, it passed the Nanotec evaluation, so moms can rest assured that it effectively kills microorganisms, even salmonella! It’s a little sticky, though, but it’s safe.

Where to get it:



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