Are you shopping this 11.11? Here are some of our best practices in making the most of the sale!

1. Bulk items. Add to cart the products you use throughout the year (as long as they don’t expire within the next few months). For us, these could be shampoo, body wash, baby wipes, diapers, laundry detergents, and liquid soaps. There are special prices for bundle orders, and you don’t have to worry about shipping as there are vouchers! 

Shopping cart with bulk items
We wait for the mega sale to get our stash of Baby Dove wash and Tiny Buds Fabric Softener

2. Home appliances. If there’s an air purifier or air fryer that you’ve been eyeing, wait until the 11.11 sale. Getting a 10% off for a 5,000-worth item is already a significant amount. Plus, these appliances usually reach the minimum amount for free delivery. Just make sure that you buy from official stores online to have warranties and proper return/replace processes when you encounter problems with your order. 

Browsing pressure washers online
Our next Home Buddies Budol, Kaikki Shop’s pressure washer!

3. Flash Sale. Set the alarm to score additional discounts during flash sales! Some official stores schedule and announce this ahead of time. So if it’s expected at midnight, you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the puyat or not. PS: you can watch a movie while waiting. 

Happy Skin Makeup on Flash Sale
I get most of my Happy Skin make up when they’re on flash sale!

4. Price comparison. Don’t be an impulsive buyer during the big sale. Make sure that you have a good amount of product knowledge, so you will not be fooled, and that it is, in fact, a discounted price. Make a quick research on different offers across different stores and platforms. 

Browsing Lazada for robot vacuums
Having a robot vacuum sounds like a good idea.

5. Delivery fees. If you have been online shopping for quite some time now, you know that shipping fees are the deal-breaker. Some products may seem cheaper than the other stores, but they charge a higher delivery fee. 

Checking out Kape Real Gift Set in Shopee
Kape Real‘s Gift Set comes with a PhP 55.00 delivery fee within Metro Manila. Not bad for a heavy item!

6. Coins and credits. Save those credits until the big sale! This will make you strategically decide on which products to use them.

Redeeming shopee coins

7. Follow official stores. Get first dibs on deals and vouchers when you follow the official stores. Sometimes, they even give out unique codes for followers only.

Philips Official Store in Shopee
The Philips official store gives away PhP 50.00 off vouchers to their followers.

8. Vouchers. Be keen on collecting vouchers! You can get additional discounts, coins, or free/subsidized shipping thanks to these. 

I got a PhP 50.00 off voucher for How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen book in Lazada!

Add to cart now! Collect all vouchers available in Lazada and Shopee below:

If you’re a new Shopee customer, use this code, SHPIA1111SALE to get ₱200 Off with a minimum spend of ₱800. Valid till November 11, 2021 only.

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