Can I say that online school is tough? Not to rant, but I didn’t expect to be the I.T. guy, assistant teacher, and nanny for Tikoy all at the same time.

Toddler doing crafts for his online class

Perhaps it’s difficult for moms with small kids (who are incidentally managing a home and are trying to keep a job on the side). I kid you not. I was exhausted and anxious after our first day! 

Later on, though, we discovered a routine and learned how to make our schedules work. Most involved forgoing a few chores (because they can wait) and using reliable apps and tools. 

1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo logo

I learned about this app in Tikoy’s school. It allows teachers and parents to keep track of students’ progress, announcements and keep all school-related things in one place. It’s cute, too!

2. Alexa

Playing music via Alexa while sweeping the floor.

Amazon’s Alexa was such a worthy investment for the home. We use it with everything from setting timers for cooking to quick searches on the internet when you can’t do a Google search yourself. We have yet to set it up to control household appliances, but that should be a load off our backs!

3. Google Translate

Using Google Translate for Chinese Class
It can also detect written words! Just scan it with your camera.

Tikoy has a couple of foreign language classes delivered in their respective tongues with very minimal English instructions! I know I shouldn’t worry about my Kinder-1 student, but it keeps me at ease when I understand what Lǎoshī is talking about. After all, I’m the assistant teacher, right? So, I leave this app in transcribe mode the whole time. It’s also helpful when we practice speaking. We let it capture our words and see if we pronounced them right. Duo-lingo works, too!

4. Google Keep

Creating grocery list with Google Keep
You can organize your Keep and even add collaborators!

I like having all my apps integrated, so Google Keep has been one of my most-used tools in the whole suite. It’s not just for taking notes and grocery lists but also for pinning important and frequent references. It allows collaborators, and you can even set reminders in them and have your tasks reflected on your Google Calendar!

5. Spotify

Listening to Solid Joys Daily Devotional through Spotify
Solid Joys Daily Devotional has been very helpful for Mark and I since our court

Other than listening to music, I use Spotify to listen to Solid Joys Daily Devotional. My quiet time usually takes the back seat with all the things on my plate, so I found that listening to a daily devotional gives me a window of reflection before Tikoy’s online class starts. My son, amazingly, cooperates and joins in a short prayer afterward. I found that doing this also inspires prayer and meditation in me throughout the day.

How’s your Happy Home Schooling journey so far? Care to share your tips?

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