In our years of using Baby Dove Hair to Toe Wash to nourish our son’s skin, we never thought they’d come up with an even gentler formula for babies. Yet they’ve launched their mildest and most soothing wash yet: Baby Dove Soothing Moisture hair-to-toe wash.

The all-new Baby Dove Soothing Care Hair to Toe Wash

It’s the perfect care for delicate skin formulated with warm milk and chamomile scent that has calming effects, helping babies’ delicate skin to lock in their natural moisture and soothe irritated skin due to dryness.

Fun bath time with our little boy
Bath time fun with our little boy

Say bye-bye to your worries, moms! Baby Dove Soothing Moisture is:
☑️ hypoallergenic
☑️ tear-free
☑️ safe for newborns
☑️ opthalmologist, dermatologist, and pediatrician-tested.

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