We love our occasional instant noodle fix, so we tried the Good Noodle when we came across a travel blogger’s reel on Instagram.

I'm a noodle explorer!
I’m a noodle explorer!

Good Noodle is an instant ramen restaurant at Union Mall, Bangkok, where you can shop for noodles from countries like China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and you get to cook and eat them! 

The noodle wall at Good Noodle
‘Cause after all, you’re my noodle wall 🎤

Customers follow four steps upon entering the shop: 

Good Noodle Ramen Steps
They guide customers through the steps in cooking instant ramen

1. Choose your instant ramen. Grab a shopping basket and choose the instant noodles you want through their rows and rows of ramen. Local Thai noodles are available, as well as other popular choices from a few other countries in Asia. Sorry, kababayans. Lucky Me! and Pancit Canton are not in stock yet. 😉 Note: You can either cook them in the restaurant or take them home.

Chinese and Japanese instant ramen
Chinese and Japanese instant ramen shelf
Korean ramen
Of course, our Korean favorites are available too!
Perfect Earth Organic Instant Noodles in Tom Yum Flavor
Perfect Earth Organic Instant Noodles in Tom Yum Flavor

2. Choose your toppings! Once you’ve decided on a noodle, head to the toppings table and choose which you want to go with your ramen. We discovered the dried soya ring from a nearby shelf, which was yummy! Dip it in the ramen broth for 3-4 seconds and take a bite! The crunchy and a tad bit soupy soya skin is a fantastic addition!

Ramen toppings
They have a good assortment of toppings
Cute heart tofu
We just had to get this cute heart tofu
Of course, the Narutomaki
A shelf of ring roll
Ring Roll for dipping on your soup
Ring Roll Soya Skin dipped in ramen broth
It’s delicious. (See our son eyeing it? 😆)

3. Pay. Pay for your noodles and whatnot at the cashier. They will ask if you’ll cook them there, and if you choose to, they’ll hand over a cooking set and utensils.

Good Noodle cooking bowl and utensils
The cooking bowl and utensils

4. Prep. Assemble your ramen in the cooking box and add the toppings to prepare for cooking.

Preparing our instant ramen
Preparing our instant ramen

5. Cook. We wondered how much water we needed to add when we lined up at the ramen station, but all you have to do is scan the bar code on your ramen box, and the station does all the work for you, from filling the water to boiling it. 

We scanned the bar code and let the machine do all the work.
We scanned the bar code and let the machine do all the work.
Boiling the instant ramen
Boiling the instant ramen

6. Eat! The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Except for this time, it’s ramen, and it’s to be taken literally. Find a seat and eat your creation. We hope you didn’t forget to grab some drinks while in the store, but since the restaurant is in the food court, you can easily grab one in the beverage area. 

Eating instant ramen at good noodle Bangkok
Time to enjoy our ramen!

Of course, you can always cook a comforting bowl of instant ramen at home, but Good Noodle offers a more extensive assortment of instant noodles than you can get from the grocery. Plus, the convenience of having topping choices and cooking it on the spot is worth the value. It’s a cool experience, especially when shared with friends or, in our case, family. 

Good Noodle is located at: 

B Floor, Union Mall 54 Ladprao, Jomphol, Chatuchak District Bangkok, Thailand 10900. They are open every day from 11AM – 9PM.

Read about our favorite instant noodles here.

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