When we reach for a pack of instant noodles, it’s never for nourishment—it’s for a filling plate of carbs that you can prepare in 10 minutes. It’s for that sodium-loaded bite that can bring some comfort for the rainy days.

The contents of Mama instant tom yum noodles.
Mama Shrimp Tom Yum Noodles

Admittedly, instant noodles are our guilty pleasure. Particularly the exciting packets that seem to wave at us whenever we walk by the Asian aisle at the grocery. With that, we’re sharing our favorites, with pictures of how they look like when cooked without no additional ingredients:

Prima La Mian Laksa

Prima Taste Laksa La Mian
Photo from Shopee store

Not all instant Laksa noodles are created equal. We prefer the rich, sauce-based, and creamy flavor for this Peranakan favorite. It may be a little steep (price-wise) in the quick-cooking category, but the taste and serving size make up for it.

Cooked La Mian Instant Laksa Noodles
Make sure to slurp some of the yummy, creamy broth before the noodles absorb it all.

Where to get it:

Mama Tom Yum Noodles

Mama Instant Tom yum shrimp flavor noodles
I always ask my friends who will visit Thailand to bring me home a few packs of these. It also comes in different flavors, but shrimp is our favorite.

We’ve tried other brands, but this one strikes a refreshing balance between tangy, sweet, and spicy flavor with thin and chewy noodles. Throw in a couple of shrimps, fishballs, an egg, and vegetables for a filling bowl.

Cooked Mama Tom Yum Noodles

Where to get it:

Maggi Kari

Maggi Kari Noodles
This is pretty rare in Manila back then, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was readily available back in our days in Iligan City.

Maggi Kari is a Perancah curry mee hailing from Malaysia. If you haven’t tried one already, it’s curry noodles cooked with flavorful broth thanks to the symphony of 12 spices: coriander, cumin, fennel, ginger, cardamom, chillies, turmeric, paprika, nutmeg, fenugreek, clove, and white pepper (yes, I read the back of the package). Add a few slices of greens (our favorite is bokchoy) and egg just before your turn off the heat.

It has a strong, pungent smell that might not agree with everyone, if you know what we mean. 😉

Where to get it:

Mi Sedaap Perisa Kari

Mi Sedaap is a lighter and tangier version of the curry noodles. As with most, it’s nice with greens and egg.

Cooked Mi Sedaap Kari Noodles topped with fried onions
It comes with fried onions for an added crunch for every spoonful.

Where to get it:

Micoem Cung Dinh Pho Bo Ha Noi

Cung Dinh Pho Bo Ha Noi

We’re not really sure how it translates but it looks like an instant beef pho (?) We picked it up at S&R since they were on the buy-one-take-one shelf. We didn’t expect much, but it’s good! It’s more flavorful than our DIY attempt.

It comes with dehydrated leeks and pork bits

Where to get it:


Indo Mie Mi Goreng Cili Hijau

IndoMie Mi Goreng Cili Hijau

It’s interesting to know that there’s a green chili flavored fried noodles. We didn’t realize that green chillies taste differently from the ripe ones we’re accustomed with. It’s slightly sweet with the distinct well, green chili flavor. Among the Indomie variants that has reached our shores, this one is our favorite.

Cooked IndoMie Cili Hijau flavor

Where to get it:

Try them!

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