Before we got married, Abi and I talked about how we will divide the household chores. She wants to do all the cooking, as long as I will be in charge of washing the dishes and utensils, which is her least favorite task (no judgment here). So when we learned about Scrub Daddy, we both laughed as it is fitting to my role as the family dishwasher.

Smiling sponge scrub daddy
Doesn’t that smile just brighten up your dish-washing day?

As an American household brand, Scrub Daddy is relatively new here in the Philippines. Since the brand was featured in the entrepreneurial-themed reality TV show Shark Tank, they have expanded their product lines and we had the chance to try their Scrub Daddy, Scrub Mommy (Yes! It’s #couplegoals), Scour Daddy and Eraser Daddy.

What We Like About It

It’s ergonomically designed. 

Other than being a smiling sponge to ease your dish-washing woes away, scrub daddy is designed for efficiency. The “mouth” helps you scrub both sides of cutleries in one motion. The “eyes” act as a hook for your fingers whenever you need to clean the sides of any circular or deep containers. 

It has FlexTexture® technology.

Scrub Daddy can go from soft to firm in a matter of seconds through temperature. With warm water, it gets easily compressible and more absorbent. In contrast, it firms up to help you power through hardened food and other stubborn debris in cold water.

It won’t scratch surfaces.

I’m sure you’ve had your share of damaged pans because of the steel wool. Scrub Daddy effectively removes hard-to-remove debris from surfaces without scratching them. 

It prevents odor.

It is designed not to collect food particles and to air-dry easily. This way, it doesn’t harbor bacteria and other nasties. In addition, according to their website, it’s lab-tested to stay and smell fresh for up to 8 weeks. 

Note: With a proper rinse, of course. 

It offers different designs for your needs. 

There’s one for each of your needs: 

Scrub Mommy. Scrub mommy is a duo of the original Scrub Daddy and ResoFoam®. The latter is an innovation that makes it 6x more absorbent, produce 60% more soap suds, all the while being odor and stain-resistant.

Scrub Mommy Dual-Sided Sponge + Scrubber

Eraser Daddy 10x. Eraser Daddy is a durable melamine eraser with scrubbing gems for a more powerful clean. 10x can remove crayon, pencil, and other scuff marks from walls and surfaces. It is also a powerful tool in erasing scum, dirt, and stains in the bathroom. 

Eraser Daddy 10x with scrubbing Gems

Scour Daddy. This little winner has ArmorTec® mesh that can handle “your worst burnt casserole.” But no need to worry about scratches or stripping your well-seasoned cast iron pan because, like the rest of the Scrub Daddy line, it doesn’t damage surfaces. 

Yellow scour daddy
Scour Daddy set in yellow, orange, and blue

The Verdict

1. Between the Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy, we preferred the former because when it comes to dishwashing, we just need the basic sponge features.

Blue scrub daddy

2. We find the Eraser Daddy useful in the bathroom floor and walls.

3. Scour Daddy is an effective mesh and is safer to the skin compared to the usual steel wool scrubber that’s used in the kitchen.

4. If you are looking for mid-range price and quality household products, the Scrub Daddy line is definitely a must-have!

Where to Get It

You can shop at:

Scrub Daddy’s official Philippine website:



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