I exhausted all means trying to clean our induction stovetop but to no avail. I religiously scraped off the debris with the hand scraper that came along with the stove, together with other home remedies, but it didn’t do much.

Heavily stained induction stovetop
Our heavily stained induction stovetop

Honestly, I forgot that we brought the Eraser Daddy with us when we moved to Thailand. And just when I resigned for the worst, it revealed itself to me while I was digging through something in our cabinet.

Trying Eraser Daddy Melamine Eraser on stovetop
Putting the Eraser Daddy to the test

What is Eraser Daddy?

Eraser Daddy is a melamine eraser that’s ten times better than the traditional ones. It includes “cleaning gems” that powerfully remove stains from food spills and whatnot without the need for any chemicals. All you have to do is to moisten it with water. It features FlexTexture, so you can easily spot clean and bend it for easier use. It is designed to last long.

Lifting the stains

Note: Like any melamine eraser, it will wear out, but not as quickly as the traditional ones. Also, it doesn’t scratch surfaces!

The Verdict

The spill rings on our stovetop seemed as if they were there to stay, but after some scraping and erasing, I saw that Eraser Daddy lifted most of the stain off!

Erase erase erase!

After five minutes of scrubbing, some of the stains were removed.

Slightly cleaned stovetop
You can see that a good part of the stains is lifted off already

It takes some effort to remove tough stains, so make sure to do some stretching before you work on them and alternate your hands from time to time. I needed to repeat scraping and erasing until I was satisfied with the result.

Before and after comparison of using Eraser Daddy
Left: cleaned with Eraser Daddy. It’s shiny, too!

BRB, stretching my sore arms for the next part. 😉

Read our review of Scrub Daddy products here.

Where to get it:

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