Who would have thought of a collab between the world’s famous cookie and the world’s most trusted flip-flops? Spoiler alert: it has already come to life.

Cute Oreo x Havaianas PR Kit of slippers and oreo cookies in an oreo box
How cute is this Oreo x Havaianas PR kit?

Just as we’re ready to hit the beaches (and other vacation spots, for that matter), the Havaianas x Oreo brought the most playful match to date.

Havaianas Beach Umbrella and oreo print
Ready to hit the sand!

“It’s a collaboration that will work up an appetite”

Havaianas signature logo on slippers
The havs

Not only does it bring our favorite snacks on our soles, but it also smells like it! The Havaianas team recommends against biting them, so maybe keep them away from your fur babies, too? 😄 It’s such a fun addition to our favorite slippers’ already gold standard features.

Realistic oreo prints on havaianas slippers
Try not to bite on this!
Cute Oreo round box
If you could only take a whiff of this!

For years, Havaianas has been our flip-flops of choice for the value for money it offers. My previous pair lasted for six years! I kid you not! There is no turning back once your feet get used to how sturdy and comfortable they are. The prints last long, and you’ll probably have to walk miles and miles to wear them down.

I appreciate most of all that it doesn’t cause me so much strain even though I walk for hours on end. Other than the cute prints and array of colors they offer, this ultimate feature will surely be your priority once you’re a certified tita. 😉 But we have introduced it to our little boy as well, so it goes for all ages.

Tigger print on Havaianas Flip Flops for Babies
Our son’s first ever pair of Havaianas

Don’t miss this cool collab! Grab a pair now!

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