Maxine is finally here in after three months of sitting at the cargo shipping warehouse! I could not get over Mark’s reaction when he opened my surprise and terribly late Christmas and birthday gift.

A guy happily unboxing his cashew nut butter gifts
I wish I took a reaction video!

Our friend recommended this all-natural cashew nut butter spread, kaya na-budol kami! We tried two flavors: The Cashew Butter and Crunchy Cacao.

Trying Made by Maxine's Cashew Butter in Vanilla and Crunchy Cacao
Trying Made by Maxine’s Cashew Butter in Vanilla and Crunchy Cacao
Appreciating Made by Maxine's Cashew Butter branding
We were captured by Made by Maxine’s cute branding!

Vanilla Cashew Butter

Stir! Spread! Lick! Dunk! instructions for use by Made By Maxine
That I did. That. I. Did.

The first is a creamy cashew butter made yummier with organic Madagascar vanilla bean and slightly sweetened with coconut sugar. Needless to say, it doesn’t have any refined sugar, making it low GI and diabetic-friendly for those watching their sugar intake. Plus, it has no added oils! What you’re getting is the pure goodness of cashew made spreadable on bread, crackers, and bananas!

A scoop of Made by Maxine Cashew Butter in Vanilla
A creamy scoop of cashew butter in vanilla

I appreciate the balance of creaminess and a good whiff of vanilla in every spoon. I tried it on its own, and it sort of resembles a nutty vanilla ice cream. We love snacking on cashews at home, so this new way of consuming it is welcome at our table.

Spreading Made by Maxine's Cashew Butter in Vanilla on bread.
Spreading Made by Maxine’s Cashew butter in vanilla on bread.

Since there is no added oil to this spread, it tends to be thick. We need to mix it thoroughly before serving. Doing so will also keep the rest of the cashew butter moist and prevent drying up. Expect it won’t spread as easily as the commercial nut butter.

Crunchy Cacao

The next one is a variation of the cashew butter with single-origin cacao nibs from Davao! So it’s a chunkier, chocolatey, cacao-nibsy spread. Each spoonful is filled with flavonoids and fiber.

Made by Maxine Cashew Butter in Crunchy Cacao
Trying Made by Maxine’s Cashew Butter in Crunchy Cacao.

I wouldn’t say it’s crunchy. Instead, it’s chunkier and has more texture than the smooth cashew butter. I like that the cacao gives it a distinct taste. It’s a pleaser if you like cacao nibs, and all the more if you’re proud of our high-quality cacao from Davao. They directly source it from our local farmers, which makes it even more special.

Check out their other nut butter, and grab them at the 3.3. sale from your favorite online shopping platform!

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