We started switching to natural products since our pregnancy in 2017, and it’s been a slow but steady process since. Lifestyle change takes time, but we’re happy to have the rest of the family join the bandwagon. Our recent happy purchase from Human Heart Nature is the Natural Shampoo Bar.

Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar

What it is:

(From Human Heart Nature website)

Our solid solution to healthy hair and a healthier planet is finally here! Breaking free from waste can now be as easy as keeping your hair gorgeous with our potent, nourishing care wrapped up in a bar.

  • 95% natural
  • Cleanses without drying your scalp
  • Rich, pH-balanced blend of cocoa butter, avocado oil and mild coconut surfactants to keep your hair soft.
  • With bright citrus and vanilla notes to keep your tresses smelling fresh and clean
  • Lathers well and rinses off easily so you save more water
  • Long-lasting and sulit when you #GoSolid
  • 25g Natural Shampoo Bar saves up to P50 on cost and 98.80% on plastic
The trick to good hair days: the right PH.

The whole bar is about the size of a 2×2 picture, which somehow begs the question, “Did I just pay PhP 140.00 for this tiny bar?” Sure, the net weight is stated on the box, but it does have a different impact when you’re finally clutching it as it fits inside your hand. But even so, this one bar is as good as a 180ml bottle of regular shampoo when stored properly.

What We Like About It

Actual photo of Human Heart Nature Natural Shampoo Bar

1. It lessens plastic waste

2. It has a nice scent

I couldn’t help but say “Ooooh, that smells nice” out loud when I opened my box of orders as the clean citrusy tempered with vanilla scent wafted through. It’s the smell you’d like to linger around.

3. It’s bubbly!

Very bubbly. Rub the bar on wet hair as you would a bath soap for a couple of times (depends on your length of hair), and you would be surprised at how bubbly it is. All the more ways this shampoo bar is cost efficient.

4. It leaves your hair soft and clean

After a good rinse, you may find that it’s too squeaky clean that it actually causes some tangles, but all you have to do after toweling off is to go through with a wide-toothed comb. By the time it dries, you can feel how soft your hair is!

For smoother hair, try it with Human Heart Nature’s conditioner. We use the Strengthening +PLUS conditioner.

Where to Get It

There’s so much perks in becoming a member when you sign up at https://humanheartnature.com, such as 25% off retail price, first dibs on new products, promos, etc., but they’re also available on:

Lazada: bit.ly/lazhnature

Shopee: bit.ly/shophnature

Or look for a Human Heart Nature dealer near you!

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