I have had it with our broom. It’s as if half of what I sweep is part of the broom itself. And then, there are those annoying hair strands that perenially litter our floor, which will then get stuck on the broom, making the next sweeps utter nonsense. 

Sweeping broom strands
Sweeping broom strands

So we went for it when we saw that Deerma vacuums were on sale. We ordered the DX700, and here are our thoughts:

Deerma VX700 flat head attachment
The flat head attachment

1. It’s a 2-in-1 hand-held vacuum. It can serve whatever length you need, thanks to the attachments. You can remove the long nozzle for cleaning surfaces at an arm’s reach and change the attachments for further ones like the ceiling, floors, and walls. 

Deerma VX700 4.5 m cord
It comes with a 4.5-meter cord

2. It sucks! Literally! Deerma VX700 uses powerful vacuum technology for efficient cleaning. 

Testing the vacuum
Giving the vacuum a test run

3. It has a HEPA filter attachment, making it the perfect vacuum for getting rid of allergens and even dust mites up to 0.3 microns in size. 

Deerma VX700 Hepa Filter vacuum
Look how much dust it collected!

4. It’s lightweight. Among the vacuums I have tried, the Deerma VX700 is light enough for everyday use. 


The Deerma VX700 hand-held vacuum starts at 2,990 THB, but we scored it for only 994 THB in Lazada during the payday sale. It’s a good price point for some people like us who are looking to try the brand first before investing in pricier ones. 

I like how it thoroughly cleans surfaces in one go. I may need to get used to its rotating flat head some more, but it’s definitely much better than having to sweep the floor a couple of times a day. 

White Deerma VX700
It comes in white, too! (photo from Xiaomi website)

We used their mattress vacuum before, and it was pretty good. It’s one of the main reasons we bought from the same brand. Fingers crossed it’s going to last!

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