Washing the dishes is my least favorite chore, and I disliked it all the more when I suffered from atopic dermatitis triggered (among other things) by harmful chemicals. Inevitably, we have to face our monsters, and sometimes it comes in the form of chores. While the husband willingly offers to take it on, I just can’t stand seeing a pile of dirty dishes, so I often have to do it myself.

Cusina Natural Dish Soap: For the skin conscious
It comes in different sizes! Of course, the 1 gallon saves you a lot more and less trash.

Thankfully, gentler, skin-caring, and natural options are now available like Cusina Home! It’s a proudly Pinoy product that’s antibacterial, plant-based, and free from harsh chemicals!

Transferring Cusina Home Dish Washing Liquid into a glass bottle.
The Lemongrass Citrus smells good!

If you’re wondering, it’s made of:

  • Coconuts that help strip off grease and odor
  • Tea Tree and Eucalyptus that are responsible for disinfecting
  • Real fruits and plants [extracts] for a fresh scent

No SLS (the bad stuff that can irritate eyes, skin, and even the lungs!), no parabens, no silicones, and none-irritating. It’s the dishwashing soap for the skin conscious!

Available scents: Lemongrass citrus, Ginger Yuzu Peel, Grapefruit Lemon Zest

Get them now and deals at the payday sale at:

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