Are you sending a care package to a new mom? Here are our suggestions and yep, product links!

1. Mother Nurture Lactation Drink

Mother Nurture 3 in 1 lactation drinks

All-natural, proudly Filipino instant lactation drink with malunggay. My favorite is chocolate, but their coffee (barako) is good, too. 

2. Nursing Underwear and Clothes

Functional breastfeeding clothes
Functional breastfeeding clothes

While the mom can surely use her existing clothes for breastfeeding, it’s easier to learn the ropes of nursing her baby with functional underwear and comfortable garments. 

Check out our breastfeeding hacks with tips and links to shops here

3. Post-Natal Recovery Support Belts

post natal recovery belts for moms who had c-section

Post-natal recovery belts help “keep it all together” when everything is all bleh. When I had my emergency CS, I felt how slow my body permits me to move. Still, I observed that having a support belt adds compression to my tummy and alleviates the pain on my wound, back, and abdomen as I was recovering. 

4. Buds & Blooms Perineal Witch Hazel Spray

Buds & Blooms Perineal Witch Hazel Spray

This is perfect for moms who had normal deliveries. One can imagine the soreness and tenderness down there afterward. This helps soothe and bring relief with a blend of natural herbs such as Witch Hazel & Australian Berries.

5. Buds & Blooms Nipple Care Set

Buds & Blooms Nipple Care Set
Photo from

The first two weeks after delivery was agony for the breast. In my experience, everything felt sore and new that I almost gave up on breastfeeding. This all-natural nipple care set will help moms power through those days. 

6. V Pharma’s Mega Malunggay

V Pharma's Mega Malunggay, Mega Ampalaya, and Mega Mangosteen

What’s a mom care package without the famous malunggay? V Pharma’s natural moringa capsules are also powered with sodium ascorbate to help boost mom’s immune system.

7. Lactation Goodies

Delicious Lactation Cookies by Mama Bear Treats

Trust me, a new mom is hungry. Help fill the void with healthy, ready-to-eat snacks that can boost her milk, so both mother and baby are happy. 

Shops on Lazada:

Shops on Shopee

8. Hip-dysplasia Safe Baby Carriers

Dad using a baby carrier
Perfect for daddy time!

Keeping the baby close to their parents’ bodies can educe baby’s gas (Tikoy burps in no time!). It assists in facilitating skin-to-skin contact and is an extra set of hands when mom or dad needs to move about. Just make sure they’re approved by experts in preventing hip dysplasia.

Click here for the list of hip-safe products.

9. Nursing Pillow

Pink Bloom Nursing Pillow
Photo from The SM Store

Nursing pillows help support both mom and baby in their nursing positions. It’s best to get one that’s sturdy and breathable.

10. Photobook

Photobook layflat photo album

Get a Photobook voucher for the parents so they can have their baby’s precious moments in a photo album, canvass, and more. If you’re feeling up to do it yourself, that will be awesome too!

Stay tuned for part 2! Hope this helps!

4 replies on “Gift Ideas for New Moms

  1. Thanks so much for this, I go back to this article every time I need to think about baby shower gifts. Literally used the Lazada link for the baby carrier here just recently. Thanks again for your awesome blogs!


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