We’re sharing Tikoy’s favorite Filipino books in honor of Buwan ng Wika!

1. Pista Na!

Pista Na! Board Book
Pista Na! Board Book

This picture book takes kids through the festivities Filipinos celebrate. It’s a colorful board book your toddler would love to flip through. Our little boy liked it so much that we made it the theme of his 3rd birthday!

Where to get it: 

2. Kakanin!

Kakanin! Board Book
Kakanin! Board Book

It’s no secret that our son, Tikoy, has a “tita” taste and loves his suman and other kakanin. This board book introduces many rice-based Filipino sweets to kids with cutesy clay illustrations. 

Where to get it: 

3. Kung May Dinosaur sa Kamalig ni Lolo

Kung may Dinosaur sa Kamalig ni Lolo
Kung may Dinosaur sa Kamalig ni Lolo

What fun to see Kora Dandan-Albano take the author seat (we’re fans of her other children’s book illustrations) and imagine a life having a pet dinosaur. Will it fit grandpa’s barn (yes, we Googled what Kamalig is 😉 )? Can you teach it a few tricks? This book was met with so much laughter when we read it to Tikoy and his friends. Parents will enjoy it, too!

Online childrens' book club set up
It has been one of our favorite books for gifting and was a hit at an online story time with Tikoy’s friends.

Where to get it: 

4. Araw sa Palengke

Araw sa Palengke

What can you find in the market? Take kids on a visual tour of the palengke with this book. It also shows a sweet and subtle expression of a mother’s fondness for her daughter.

Where to get it: 

5. May mga Lihim Kami ni Ingkong

May mga Lihim Kami ni Ingkong by Dr. Luis "tito dok" Gatmaitan
May mga Lihim Kami ni Ingkong

Ah, Dr. Luis Gatmaitan! He’s one of our favorite children’s book authors. He has a way of taking adults through memory lane while opening new dimensions of the world to kids. 

This book tells a story about a child’s perspective of experiencing his grandfather’s dementia and, eventually, his passing. I know it doesn’t sound like a children’s book at all, but it talks about reality, but even so, it doesn’t fail to warm the heart. 

Fan-girling with Dr. Gatmaitan
Fan-girl moment with Dr. Gatmaitan when he visited Iligan. P.S. Tikoy was probably dancing inside my tummy.

My voice cracked as I read this book to Tikoy for the first time as it reminded me of my lola, who had a similar condition. She would repeat whatever she said or asked over and over again when her memory failed. And though she was already in pain during her last moments, she was always kind.

Thank you for writing books that move us to cherish what we have, Dr. Gatmaitan!

Where to Get It

6. Sandosenang Sapatos

Sandosenang Sapatos by Dr. Luis "tito dok" Gatmaitan
Sandosenang Sapatos

How would it feel like to be a daughter of a shoemaker when you don’t have feet? In this another tear-jerker from Tito Dok, find out how a father’s unconditional love expresses itself in many ways.

Where to Get It

7. Dirty ‘Yan Judy Ann!

Dirty 'Yan, Judy Ann! by Dr. Luis "tito dok" Gatmaitan
Dirty ‘Yan, Judy Ann!

Get ready to say this line repeatedly in a sing-song voice because it’s going to stick. It’s a funny retelling of an anti-germs mom, parroting “Dirty yaaaan, Judy Aaaaaaannnnn!” almost every time her daughter touches anything. Does that sound familiar? 😉

Where to Get It

8. Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy

Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy
Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy

How many things can a chair turn into? This book about inclusivity shows kids (and parents) how imagination can help overcome our limitations. 

Where to Get It

9. What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food

What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food

This is a fantastic, illustrated infographic book about our cuisine. It illuminates kids about the themes of our everyday dishes, its history, how it’s translated in the different provinces, and some background about our cooking techniques. 

Tikoy likes browsing this book on his own :)
Tikoy likes browsing this book on his own 🙂

Where to Get It

Maligayang buwan ng wika!

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