Here’s an easy, refreshing Lychee Yakult drink inspired by Ooma. (Without the pearls)

Ooma's Lychee Yakult Tsunami
Ooma’s Lychee Yakult Tsunami


Canned whole lychee

1 canned lychee (565 g)

1 cup canned lychee syrup

3 Yakult



1. Puree lychees with 1 cup of its syrup. Freeze.

Pureed lychee
Lychee puree

2. Slightly crush the frozen lychee puree.

Shaved frozen lychee
Shaved frozen lychee

3. In a blender, pour 3 bottles of yakult, add 1 cup of cold water, half a cup of ice cubes, and the frozen lychee puree. Blend until smooth.

Yakult, the best probiotic drink.
Everybody’s favorite probiotic drink.

4. Serve!

Homemade Lychee Yakult drink
Homemade lychee yakult drink

The best part about this recipe is that everything is available in the grocery. Optional: Add black pearls! But we skipped this as it’s a choking hazard for little kids. In case you’re wondering where to get them, or would like to order online, we’re listing the links below.

Ersao Black Tapioca Pearls

Ersao Tapioca Pearls



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