Tikoy is getting more interested in writing and drawing. So before he creates unwanted murals on our walls, we looked for good, non-toxic, washable markers.

We discovered Mideer Washable Markers in Shopee, and here are its features:

1. It’s washable with water.

Washable colored markers for kids
Water-washable markers

This was our top requirement when we were looking for pens because there are some stains that we can’t fix.

2. It’s designed for little hands.

Toddler holding a colored marker
Easy to grip for toddlers

The markers come in triangular shapes so it’s easy for your three-year old to grip.

3. It’s non-toxic.

Both the ink and the pen body are made with non-toxic materials so parents of pen-biting-kids can free themselves of worries. Then again, always keep your little artist under your nose.

4. Its pen caps have venting holes.

Heaven forbid that this happens, but in the occasion that a child swallows the cap, it has venting holes to prevent suffocation.

5. It has multi-angle and multi-thickness drawing lines.

Coloring activity for kids
Colorful Jeepney by Tikoy

Kids can write with its thin point, and tilt it on its side for thicker lines.

6. Its box has a standing, flip-top feature.

Remember those days when, as a kid, you have to take out everything just to see which color you’re getting? With MiDeer’s sturdy flip top design, kids can simple prop up the box on standby and easily choose a pen.


Price range is around:

6 pieces PhP 230.00

12 pieces PhP 340.00

24 pieces PhP 570.00

36 pieces PhP 750.00

Where to get them

Get them for your kids at:

Shopee: bit.ly/shopmideerph

Lazada: bit.ly/lazmideerph

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