Looking beyond the numbers on the scale took on a different meaning for us when we started using the Mi Body Composition Scale.

Mi Smart Body Composition Scale 2
Mi Smart Body Composition Scale 2

It’s a smart weighing scale that also measures muscle mass, BMI, Bone Mass, Weight, Protein, Visceral Fat, Basal Metabolism, Water, Health Score, Body Size, and Physical Age.

Body score
It has an accompanying app, Zepp Life. This was my total body score in July 2022.

We know how stepping on a scale can be uncomfortable for some. It can be vexing, especially when the traditional weighing scale only shows your current weight (which fluctuates quickly!), and be discouraged when it’s tipping on the heavier side. What we do not know is that we could have gained more muscle weight!

Progress comparison

This was my progress from August 2022. I would have been dismayed by the seemingly slow weight loss and the weight gain in November. But there are more important things to look at.

Body age mi body composition scale
It also measures body age!

I was encouraged by my body age being two years younger than my actual age, and seeing that I’m making progress with my goals in lowering my body fat and increasing muscle.

Body fat and muscle
Trying to move towards the “great” level!

So, let’s look beyond the numbers on the weighing scale and set out goals on more important things!

Weight and body score
My weight and body score in November 2022

Order one for yourself today!

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