NaRaYa is a Thai fabric bag line that has created sturdy and beautiful pieces since 1993. I remember how women of different ages flocked to the store when it first opened in the Philippines. I wasn’t familiar with its roots and quality, so I dismissed it as flimsy and too girly.

My husband carrying my NaRaYa bag
My husband carrying my NaRaYa bag

Decades later, my husband gifted me with one from his trip to Thailand. I didn’t think much of it since I was toting a diaper bag more often. Little did I know that the size was perfect for all my things, versatile and so sturdy that it could take on airline baggage check-ins!

It’s like our magic bag tucked inside our suitcase and magically appears when it’s time to go home with more items to tote.

What I like about NaRaYa bags: 

1. High quality. Do not let NaRaYa’s ribbon designs fool you! The NaRaYa carry-all was a gift from my husband three years ago, and it has been used in so many ways. It has been my laptop bag, diaper bag, overnight travel bag, extra luggage and more. 

Navy blue Naraya bag
NaRaYa is the bag for all my mom things.

2. Lightweight. It’s incredibly lightweight so it’s easy to tuck into our luggage’s extra compartment.

Lightweight and versatile Naraya bag
It’s so lightweight and versatile!

Sadly, NaRaYa exited the Philippines. But the good news is that you don’t have to travel to Thailand to get a NaRaYa bag! It’s now in Shopee as an overseas shop!

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