It’s our second blog anniversary! was birthed out of a sheer need of honest reviews and practical millennial parenting tips to help us through our journey and we’re grateful for the partners and followers we’ve met along the way.

We’re celebrating it with a 10K Giveaway in partnership with 10 of our favorite brands!

Don Simón

A bottle of Don Simon Sparkling White Grape Drink and Mango Juice
Don Simón Gift Pack: 1 1L Mango Juice and 1 750 ml Sparkling White Grape Drink

Don Simón has over 120 years of experience in creating quality drinks, and is the top brand of wine and juice in Spain. Not only do they provide healthy and delicious drink alternatives, they also create them sustainably by practicing zero waste management, reducing CO2 emissions through their trees, using 100% recyclable packages and more. Thank Espa-Fil Market for bringing them to the Philippines!

Ink and Stone

Elephant & Piggie by Mo Williams book set
Elephant & Piggie Book Set

Look no further for affordable reading time books! We recently discovered this online purveyor of children’s literature in Shopee and it was the first online bookstore that had a good collection of titles that are otherwise hard to find elsewhere.

Lil Twinkies

Lil Twinkies Breast Milk Storage Bag and Silicone Spoon
Meal times are fun (and cute!) with Lil Twinkies!

We first discovered Lil Twinkies when we were looking for silicone baby utensils during a baby fair in Trinoma. We immediately fell in love with their color palettes and minimalist design. When your baby starts eating solids, you can choose from their wide variety of silicone-based products.

Manang Biday’s Kitchen

Manang Biday’s Kitchen’s delicious Curtido will change your chips-eating habit!

Manang Biday’s Kitchen introduced us to the world of fermented vegetables we didn’t know existed (aside from Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and our very own Atsara and Buro). Their Curtido, a South American relish, is a staple accompaniment for our dishes, especially during “fried days” or when our viands lack vegetables. We now keep a jar of this homemade side dish in our fridge for a quick serving of fiber when needed.


Our wedding photo album

Almost all of our physical photo albums are made through this amazing service that offers beautiful templates through their easy to use app, and guarantees high-quality prints. Recently, we partnered with them when they launched Photobook X Disney campaign. If you’re a certified Disney fan (like us) then you will love their Disney templates!

Serioso Chili Garlic

Top this chili garlic on dimsum, pasta, pancit, soup, and more!

Our favorite chili garlic sauce that’s seriously spicy. Its aroma makes any dish more delicious that you’ll end up going for seconds. Or fifths. No judgment.

Swaddies PH

Swaddies PH Absorbent Bed Mat
Swaddies PH is the pioneer of cotton gauze bed mats in the Philippines.

In all of our baby-related purchases, Swaddies PH’s waterproof absorbent bed mat is one we have never regretted. It was such an aid during Tikoy’s potty training and is still useful now. It’s really the one bed mat you’ll ever need. Read our review here.

The Olfactory Naturals

A box of Natural Aroma Therapy Spray
Can we just say how beautiful their branding and packaging is?

The Olfactory Naturals team knows the reality of “compact living”: the lack of fresh air and that certain odor that comes along with it. Having this and her kids in mind, Rina (founder), decided to create natural solutions using a range of natural and eco-friendly scent sprays and diffusers made of 100% Essentials Oils that doesn’t only freshen up the home, but can also calm and soothe the senses, bring about focus for productivity.

Tiny Buds

Our favorite Chewbrush and Toothgel from Tiny Buds

If there’s one brand we stock up on for our toddler, especially during grand sales, it’s Tiny Buds. We love their tiny garden, chew brush, tooth gel, natural diaper changing spray (no need to rinse), and natural fabric conditioner.


Ultrafresh diaper samples
Thin but highly absorbent diapers

This ultra-thin diaper has been such a game-changer in the nappy department. We love that its waistband is truly stretchable, saves so much space, prevents our toddler from being bow-legged, while effectively absorbs so much liquid. Read our review here.

How to Join

1. Like our post on Instagram
2. Follow @themarkxabi and the brands below on Instagram:

@donsimonph & @espafilmarket

3. Subscribe to our youtube channel: (for unboxing videos and hacks!)
4. Comment an emoji that describes how you would feel if you win, and tag 5. mommy and daddy friends to join as well. (Please make sure they’re your real friends. 🙂 )

Additional prizes FOR 2 WINNERS from Olfactory Naturals and Serioso Chili Garlic.

Winners will be announced on July 15, 2020 on IG Stories. Turn on notifications for this!

If the grand prize winner is outside of Metro Manila, please note that perishable items from Manang Biday’s Kitchen are transferrable.

7 replies on “Our 10K Blog Anniversary Giveaway

  1. Congratulations on your Blog anniversary, @markxabi!

    Thanks for sharing bits of your life to your followers and of course, honest reviews.

    As a first time mom, I really find it helpful and I enjoy my motherhood journey more because of the tips and hacks I learned from parents/influencers/bloggers like you po.

    Cheers to more years!

    God bless po! 😊

    – @momriz_letriz
    Riz Oliva – Villaruel


  2. Congratulations on your Blog and I will be a follower because I think that you have some helpful tips for us mommies. I am looking forward for more useful tips from you. I also follower you on my fb account: Amry Yoj Rednall Opanoaci, IG account: @srongmommyjoy and also subscribed to your youtube channel 😍😇 Godbless 😇😇😇


  3. I found out that your blog is very helpful lalo na yung mga products na shinishare nyo ang gaganda ng mga qualities! 😍
    I’m happy for you @themarkxabi that you’ve finally celebrating this Blog anniversary. ♡♡♡
    May God continue to bless your family and this blog of yours may also continue to grow. ❤


  4. Minsan ko lang ma visit at mabasa ang mga articles nyo due to lack of signal. But I’m trying my best to visit here, it so worth it to support your blog . 😃 Thanks for sharing a lot of ideas as well as the blessings na hindi kaya gawin ng karamihan. ❤❤❤


  5. Happy 10k blog anniversary! Nakita ko rin sa memories ko na sumali ako before sa anniversary niyo kaya nakita ko rin ito sa IG! More years to celebrate and God bless! Congratulations!


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