We started to potty train Tikoy just a couple of weeks after he turned 2 years old. Tikoy was starting to give signals when he needs to go and so we decided to follow his pace.

We had the basics ready: the training seat, beginner’s underwear, potty book, and most of all, a mop with a disinfectant solution on standby. To emotionally prepare for it is another story. One needs to understand that it’s a test of patience, and that no toddler can learn the discipline overnight. To not expect so much and to adjust is, well, easier said than done.

As of writing, we’re not yet out of the woods. Sometimes, Tikoy runs to the potty; other times, he goes on the floor. I’ve mopped our house in a day more than I ever did in a month, and don’t get me started on how many times I’ve changed our sheets and cleaned our mattress!

Later on, I realized that this could go on for quite some time and the least I could do is to prevent the “little accidents” from happening.

Perhaps I was missing one more item in my arsenal. After browsing through my IG, I came across Swaddies PH’s Water Absorbent Bed Mat. A bed mat! How could I forget? I’ve been browsing their mats at mom bazaars and somehow, it slipped my mind.

There are many mats to choose from, and I do have a rubber mat which was the standard pee and poo protector during our time. However, I didn’t like the idea of using it in this case because 1. It’s hot on the skin 2. Unless I wipe off the pee immediately, it will still flow out and make a mess. 

So I zeroed in on the Swaddies PH bed mat because:

  1. It’s super absorbent

The mat absorbs the liquid soon as it hits the surface so there’s no need to worry about our baby’s skin being soaked or making a mess. Being made of 6 layers of pure cotton, it can hold water without spills or leak!

It’s made of 6 layers of pure cotton gauze and these beautiful stitches are designed for maximum absorption.
We’ve put our bedmat to the test by pouring mugs of 500ml water on one spot. We also placed a paper towel underneath to check for leaks.

After pouring 13 mugs of water, we found out that it spreads equally throughout the mat and the back side only felt damp after so many tries. We stopped after the 13th try for feeling guilty of wasting water. 😉

  1. It’s breathable.

Since it’s made of pure cotton gauze, it won’t irritate our baby’s skin because it’s breathable! I tried sleeping on it myself in one of our son’s naps and it’s cool on the skin, and when he did sweat, the mat absorbed it right away. This is also great for the elderly and for people who went through operations to prevent bedsores.

Sleeping soundly on his new bed mat
  1. It’s large enough for babies and adults

This bed mat is 70 cm x 90 cm and is large enough for use on babies as mattress protector and activity mat. It is also a good size for adult use.

  1. It’s washable

We’re saying no to disposable mats and having this washable version is a welcome feature. Perfect for machine cold wash!

Note: Wash as you normally would, spin dry, and hang. Do not use hot dryer as this will damage the non-skid rubber guards.

  1. It has non-skid rubber guards

My husband and I are fans of products that are smartly designed, and having this mat with non-skid rubber guards keep it in place. In fact, our baby uses it as a play and reading mat (since he has no diaper on at daytime anymore) as well and it eliminates the danger of him slipping on them if he ever pees or spills anything on it.

The back is fully covered by these non-skid rubber guards that help keep it in place and prevent accidents.
  1. It can last for a long time

It’s worth the investment because it can cater to any need from potty training to elderly care. With proper care, we’re sure we’ll be able to use this again as our son grows or whenever a new need arises. It’s the one bed mat we’ll ever need!

  1. It’s cute!

Ok, so maybe this isn’t much of a weight to some, but just look at this cute pattern! It’s such a nice accent to our baby’s bed.

This Dino design simply stole our hearts.

These bed mats come in 5 cute standard designs.

Stay tuned for their upcoming limited design early next year!

Our Takeaway:

It’s always a good idea to invest on materials that are of excellent quality and are designed to last. We are impressed with Swaddies PH’s Water Absorbent Bedmat (from customer service to the little details) and highly recommend it for parents who are potty training their kids, or who have similar care needs. It would be nice to have at least 2 mats so you have something to use while the other one’s being washed. It’s a great gift item too!

Where to get them: 

You may order their bed mats (only PhP 750.00 each, and PhP 2,000.00 for 3) and other cool items from their Instagram (@swaddiesph), Facebook (Swaddies PH), and Shopee! They are also participating in bazaars, so you may visit their booth on the following dates: 

-December 6-8 Expo Mom Holiday at Glorietta

-December 14-15 Soiree at The Fifth at Rockwell, Power Plant Mall

Disclosure: Mark and Abi would like to thank Swaddies PH for the complimentary bed mats. Even so, they maintain full editorial control of this product review.

18 replies on “Swaddies PH Water Absorbent Bed Mat: The One Bed Mat You’ll Ever Need

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Would love to have this for my baby. 🙂 will definitely check them this weekend at Mom Expo. 😊


  2. This is a must have! Will buy this one kapag malapit na namin i-potty train si Aidan. He’s turning 2 pa lang. Hehe. Thanks for sharing mommy and daddy! ❤


    1. I didn’t know may ganito pala aside from changing mat. This is what I need especially with my two baby boys, madalas mabasa bedsheet namin pag nag leak na diaper nila lalo na during night time 😣


  3. Wow super wow may ganito pala, ito ung hinahanap ko kasi baby ko 2yrs old na at potty traineed na rin sya. Wala talaga diaper pag umaga, tapos trinay ko sya hindi lagyan ng diaper ng 1week sa gabi, kala ko tuloy tuloy na rin na hindi sya iihi sa higaan, ang ending nung one time na umihi sya sa higaan is laba lahat pati foam. Thanks for the info. Mamsh we will try this too soon.
    Ig: @jahzanonymous


  4. This is a must have! Lalo na sa mga travels! Kapag papalitan mo na si little one. Iwas hassle at leak talaga. You’ll definitely have a smooth travel and sleep at the same time! Sana palarin para sa baby ko na 2mos. old 🙂 we’ll definitely using it EVERYDAY 😍 – princess_apreal


  5. This is a must have! Lalo na when travelling talaga. Walang hassle. Smooth yung biyahe at sleepat the same time kasi hindi siya magleleak : ) Want to have it for my little one, Gien Adreal! We’ll definitely using it EVERYDAY. He’s 2mos now. Talagang challenge sakin yung pagpapalit ng diaper niya kasi talgang patinhigaan niya nababasa or nalalagyan ng poop, swear po. – princess_apreal


  6. Swaddies PH is genius. I love this water absorbent bedmat and this is perfect for gifts! A must-have for moms-babies!


  7. Thank you so much for this blog post. You are helping a lot of mommies to buy the right product for their babies. Keep it up. ☺️


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