To our dear son,

You may be wondering where we got your name. It is from a book called “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Your dad and I read it when we were still in our courtship days.

To Kill A Mockingbird Book by Harper Lee
(Photo from

We’ve always liked the name and so we kept it in our back pocket for future use. In the book, Atticus is a lawyer who represented discriminated people [back then] and to us, he’s a symbol of fairness, and courage to stand up for people.

Atticus Finch from the movie adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Later, we added “Daniel” which means “God is my judge”. This man was described by the Bible as wise, intelligent, and handsome. (We will always think the latter of you no matter what. 😉 )

While we don’t necessarily wish you to become a lawyer, or be the best in everything, our prayer is that you will grow up knowing who you are and are operating in your God-given talents and strengths, to walk with purpose, to live with such principles. Being in the fear and love and wisdom of the Lord. We hope that you will inspire hope in people through Him. You are our Atticus Daniel. We love you.

Mommy and Daddy

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6 replies on “A Letter for Atticus

  1. nice name! I used to ask people bout the history of their name especially if it’s uncommon! Because I believe it somehow represents the person 😄 share ko lang po, my children’s second name got history too hehe all based from the Bible I believe: Ysabel, Samuel and My youngest got Daniel as his second name too 🤗, it was given by my MIL 💕


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