If there’s one tip we can give when it comes to big sales and free shipping fiestas like these, it’s to buy your essentials or things you have long prepared to purchase. So even if the item isn’t on sale, you’re saving a lot on the delivery. 

But more than that, our local businesses definitely need a boost and we’re choosing to #supportlocalbusinesses at Shopee’s 7.7, and we hope you’d do the same.

Here are some of our recommendations: 

Bherniz Kapeng Barako

This Shopee seller is our suki for coffee beans. The beans are locally sourced (Batangas) and are roasted and ground only after your pre-order, so you’re sure they’re fresh and aromatic. We missed their coffee beans a lot when the Taal Volcano erupted and then when the pandemic hit that put a hold on their production and deliveries. Boy, are we glad they’re back. Anyway, you guys can order here. You’re welcome.

Shopee 7.7. Free Shipping Fiesta Coffee Beans
Bherniz has been our source of coffee beans for over a year.

Ligwan Honey

We discovered this DOST-tested pure, raw wild honey from the mountains of Quezon Province. Aside from honey, they also carry a sugar-free peanut butter called “Peanut Better,” making our pun-loving hearts happy. It’s currently unavailable, but we’re hoping to try it soon. Order now by clicking here.

Shopee 7.7. Free Shipping Fiesta Ligwan DOST tested honey
We put a dollop on our tea, vinaigrette, and other recipes so a large bottle suits us best.

Nutrifinds Nuts

Nutrifinds is another of our suki sellers in Shopee, where we buy our snack items such as almonds, cashews, and peanuts, and other cupboard staples in bulk. Here’s a link to their shop.

Shopee 7.7. Free Shipping Fiesta Almonds
We keep a stash of Almonds, Cashews, and Peanuts for snacks and salads

Naturally Good Company Cacao Nibs

Naturally Good Company offers nuts and seeds, and other healthy alternatives for those who lead a healthy lifestyle. We try to be one and munch on their cacao nibs. You may want to try their smaller packs if you haven’t tasted some before, but if you’re like us who go for the value in bulk items, get a kilo bag here.

Shopee 7.7. Free Shipping Fiesta Cacao Nibs
Cacao Nibs is rich in anti-oxidants and is linked to reduced heart disease and diabetes risk

Nature to Nurture Bamboo Fiber Charcoal Toothbrush

Tikoy has moved on from our favorite baby chewbrush to the big-kid ones. This time, we want to try Nature to Nurture’s new wheat straw bamboo charcoal toothbrush. It’s eco-friendly, PVC-free, and infused with carbon charcoal that helps remove bacteria and plaque. Watch out for our review! Order one for your toddler here.

Shopee 7.7 Free shipping fiesta bamboo fiber toothbrush
We’re trying a new toothbrush for Tikoy that’s kinder to our environment

Sewphoria Bibdanas

Sewphoria skillfully creates hand-made bibdanas, headbands, and recently, kiddie protective masks. A look at her neat and fine sewing proves her love for her craft. Check out our review by clicking here.

Shopee 7.7 Free shipping fiesta bibdanas
Tikoy’s Sewphoria bibdanas aren’t faded even after frequent washing

Swaddies Water Absorbent Bedmat

Whenever our friends ask for baby shower gift recommendations (or other-related questions), we immediately mention Swaddies Water Absorbent Bedmat. We honestly love their bed mats and wish it comes in king size for our mattress. Other than that, this water absorbent and waterproof mat pioneer offers cute, quality, and functional products that are worth the investment. To our new-mom friends, Swaddies PH is the one bed mat you’ll ever need! Order here.

Shopee 7.7. Free Shipping Fiesta Water Absorbent bed mat.
There’s only one bed mat for us.

During these trying times, I hope that you support local businesses. Start the Shopee 7.7 Fiesta Sale now! Click here.

2 replies on “Support Local Businesses at Shopee’s 7.7 Fiesta Sale

  1. Wow! Ang dami na palang local brands sa shopee pera nalang ang kulang. hehe! Thanks for sharing mommy


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