Manang Biday’s Kitchen introduced us to the world of fermented vegetables we didn’t know existed (aside from Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and our very own Atsara and Buro). Their Curtido, a South American relish, is a frequent accompaniment for our dishes, especially during “fried days” or when our viands are sans vegetables. We keep a jar of this homemade side dish in our fridge for a quick serving of fiber. 

A jar of Curtido with chips
Curtido is a Latin American relish made of cabbage, carrots, and oregano

But how, you may ask, does one eat Curtido? And most of all, what does it taste like? 

Curtido’s main ingredients are cabbage, carrots, and oregano. Like any fermented dish, it has some acidity (the level of which depends on the duration of fermentation). It is hereby, which makes it different from kimchi and sauerkraut.

Now that you can imagine what it tastes like, here are some of our favorite foods to pair with Curtido.


Colorful nacho chips with Curtido
Party nacho chips with Curtido

Manang Biday’s Kitchen jokingly mentions that they eat a balanced meal of healthy and unhealthy food, and this is one of the best illustrations: Curtido and chips! You may pair them with plain nacho chips, or any of your liking. Our picks are Mr. Chips, Chippy, and Nova. 

“Fried Days” 

A platter of crispy korean style fried chicken inspired by Crash Landing on You
We got this CLOY (Crash Landin On You) inspired fried chicken recipe from and paired it with Curtido

Curtido is a little bold when it comes to taste, which complements simple flavors such as fried food. We eat them together with Daing na Bangus, and other proteins fried to perfection. Your mouth will thank you for the play of texture as well. 

Steamed Fish

Steamed Pampano Fish topped with sesame seeds and served with curtido and nuts
Steamed Pampano fish

Not that we only have it with fish viands, but we do love Pampano. We steam a couple of this delicious fish with salt, pepper, ginger, and sesame oil, and the Curtido will deliver a flavorful punch while taking care of your fiber needs. 


Bacolod Chicken Inasal's Adobo
Adobong “tuyo” with eggs

You know how good Adobo tastes when you’ve re-heated it for the nth time, and most of the sauce has evaporated? Eat it with a mound of Curtido, and you’ll be cooking large batches of this Pinoy favorite next time.


Yes, it’s nice with Curtido. Something salty to balance out the tang of Curtido

Eating fermented foods has many benefits. It improves our gut health and enhances our immune system. It’s good to know that these can be done deliciously by eating a couple of servings of Curtido every day. We currently consume around a kilo in a couple of weeks, and we like to keep them coming. It may be an acquired taste for some but we hope you could give it a try.

Manang Biday’s Kitchen offers other homemade fermented items such as Kimchi and Ginger Beer (must try!). They also sell baked goods, and some of our favorites are Carrot-Apple-Pineapple (CAP) Loaf and Moist Chocolate and Cream Cheese Cake.

You may order by sending a message to:

Facebook: Lyecel Tauli

Instagram: @manangbidayskitchen

You can still join our blog anniversary giveaway to score a sampler from Manang Biday’s Kitchen products and more! Check our post for the mechanics at @themarkxabi.

3 replies on “Manang Biday’s Kitchen Review: How to Eat Curtido

  1. So cool naman ng idea nila to produce this kind of fermented vegetables using thier own recipe . ♡♡♡ Pwedeng pwede talaga sya ipares sa mga common dishes 😍


  2. Will recommend this too to my titas and lola since fave talaga nila ang ganito. Thanks mommy Abi for helping and supporting some local business and online business.. Godbless po. 🙏💕


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