Our son has been quite a drooler since his first tooth came out when he was just 6 months old. His saliva would pool and consistently soak his bib in less than an hour that we even brought this concern up with his pediatrician, and later, a specialist. After a thorough assessment, it was later concluded that his mouth and glands are normal. Babies his age (1Y8M) are simply in a development stage where their jaws are still about to assume its full form, their swallowing not as effective as adults, and on top of that, their teeth are still erupting. His doctor mentioned that these will only settle when he’s past three years old and what we can do for now is to teach him to swallow, wait for all of his teeth to act as a “barricade”, and prevent rashes (for being consistently soaked) by wiping it off. 


Ever since we noticed that he salivates a lot, we started to look for good quality bibs that can at least last for an hour. At first we’ve had the conventional ones that you tie at the back and can only stand so much, not to mention, how tedious washing them can be because you have to prevent it from being tangled. 

Later we discovered bibdanas–triangular shaped bibs with snap on buttons. I was amazed by how it makes the job easier and how it secures the bib away from our baby’s face. We’ve tried different brands, and got our hands on thick ones with good print quality, but since we use up the stock on a daily basis, we had to keep adding to the pile and discard the others that are worn, if not destroyed. 

Before, our good bibs were mostly MTO (made-to-order). But since our supplier from Davao City has stopped production, we had to look for other brands. 


In my hours of searching, I came across Sewphoria on Instagram and was smiling at the catchy name. Who doesn’t love a good pun, anyway? So I dived deep into their collection and was taken away by their cute prints and spot on branding. Their products run from bibdanas to twinning accessories that are made to order. 

Cute Designs

Bibdanas are a permanent fixture to Atticus’s outfits so having them in cute designs complement his look. The plain ones are great too if your baby is wearing something printed. 


Sewphoria’s bibs starts at PhP 70.00 a piece. They also have sets for more savings for the tipid mom in me!

Quality of sewing

Sewphoria’s handmade bibs are well sewn and  looks sturdy.


Quality of material

The anatomy of a Sewphoria bib: 

  • Fleece Backing. This water repellent backing keeps our baby’s clothes dry even when the top cloth is soaked with drool already.
  • U.S. Designer Cotton Fabric/Soft Flannel. This depends on what design you order but the printed cloth is soft, which won’t irritate our baby’s skin whenever we wipe off his face with it.
  • KAMsnaps Buttons. So, I may not be very well versed with sewing accessories. At first, I liked sewphoria’s plastic buttons because they’re cute in a way that complements the cloth design. As we researched, KAMsnaps buttons are good quality buttons that snaps easily, yet secures it in place. “It can endure years and years of heavy repeated washings”, which makes it easy for moms like me who use the washing machine all the time because I don’t have to worry about it falling apart and getting stuck in the washer.


Our Takeaways

  1. We really love the packaging of the product.
  2. It’s our first time to use bibs with fleece backing. While it has its own advantages when worn by our baby, you must take note that it will take some extra care when washing it.
  3. Bibdanas really depend on how much your baby drools. If they drool excessively, then you might want to use bibs with thicker materials.
  4. The bibs come with matching head bands. Since we have a boy for a baby, we have not tried this out but it definitely looks cute.

Giveaway Contest

We are giving a set of bibdanas and headbands to ONE winner on Instagram!


How to join:
1. Follow @sewphoria and @themarkxabi
2. Like the GIVEAWAY PHOTO, comment an emoji that best describes your reaction if you win, and tag 2 friends.
3. Repost the photo with official hashtag: #markxabiforsewphoria

Giveaway is open to PHILIPPINE residents only. Winner will be announced via IG stories on August 15!


9 replies on “Sewphoria: Fun and Functional Bibdanas

  1. agree! bumili na po alo nito for baby one nakita ko review nyo sa Ig, i o straight to shopee para order and it is so good kahit basang basa na yung harap ,tuyo parin sa likod.This is great lalo na sa mga naglalaway na baby dahil sa pagngingipin


  2. Wala palang sa teething stage si baby Gien ko pero napapansin ko na parang naglalaway na siya. Wala siyang bibs, i only use baby towels yung maliliit po lalo na pag nagbbottle siya ng napump na Breastmilk. Towel yung nakarescue kapag may nagleak. Hehe, napansin siguro nila kaya niregalohan na siya ng bib. I want to have this po, for Gien 🙂 – princess_apreal


  3. I love this Bibdanas from Sewphoria!
    This is really a must-have…I find it super cute whenever I see baby-toddler wearing this.


  4. Ang cute! Grabe ang gaganda pa ng designs at mukhang maganda talaga ang quality. First time mom kaya gusto ko talaga lahat ng gamit meron ang baby boy ko. 🙏 @aureaxxii


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