It’s almost the close of the year and we thought of rounding up some of our favorite items and services. We’d like to share them with you and hope you’ll find them useful for yourselves or as gift ideas.

Water Absorbent Bed mats 

Potty training is definitely a milestone for every new parent. Now that our baby wears briefs instead of diapers during day time, we have to protect the bed from “accidents” with a mat that absorbs pee whenever he takes naps. The traditional way to go is with  the use of rubber mats. However, these products are hot and uncomfortable for babies. Our challenge then was how might we find a product that is made of cloth and absorbs liquid. Enter Swaddies. Made of 6 layers of pure cotton, it can hold water without spills or leak!

Read our full review of Swaddies PH’s Water Absorbent Bed Mat here.

Where to get them:

Instagram: @swaddiesph

Facebook: Swaddies PH

Shopee: SwaddiesPH


During the teething stage of our baby, we had to stock-up on bibs and drool towels. Bibdanas have grown in popularity over the years. These triangular shaped bibs with snap on buttons have become a stapIe accessory for our baby. Aside from its catchy name, Sewphoria stood out from other brands because of its cute prints and quality cloth that doesn’t wear out easily, even if it’s frequently washed. It also has a water repellent fleece backing which keeps our baby’s clothes dry even when the top cloth is soaked with drool already.

Read our full review of Sewphoria’s Bibdanas here.

Where to get them:

Instagram: @sewphoria

Shopee: MiracleSprouts

Burnt Basque cheesecake

This is the cheesecake of our dreams: tasty, sugar free, and low carb. A burnt Basque cheesecake is an “intentionally burnt” cheesecake that’s baked in high temperature to get a burnt exterior and creamy interior. It tastes so good that we don’t want to finish it in one sitting (although we certainly can). The longer it stays on the refrigerator, the better it gets. This version from The Weekend Baker MNL has a good amount of burnt on the side for that smokey, caramel-ly flavor and just the right amount of sweetness without the guilt. This also comes in a pretty tin can so it’s perfect for gifting to friends and family who are on Keto diet, Diabetic, cutting carbs, or simply love binging on sweets.

Tikoy can’t keep his hands off his burnt basque cheesecake.

Where to get them:

Instagram: @weekendbakermnl

Facebook: Weekend Baker MNL


Chili garlic oil sauce

One of our favorite comfort food is siomai partnered with a good chili garlic sauce. With Serioso chili garlic, we put it on almost anything—pancit, fried fish, kare-kare and soup. Some of our friends say that they can’t stand its level of spiciness. It’s “seriously” hot! So if you’re in for some spicy food challenge, try this one.

Serioso Chili Garlic Bottles have been to quite a few places.

Where to get them:

Instagram: @seriosochiligarlic

Facebook: Serioso Chili Garlic

Shopee: Serioso Chili Garlic

DIY photo albums

We’ve shared with you how our pre-nup and wedding photos have been sitting in our computer for years and we just couldn’t seem to make time to look for print shops and have them done. Thank goodness for Photobook, which has made it very convenient for us! All we had to do is purchase online, upload the photos, and wait for it to be delivered.

Read our blog about Photobook here.

Where to get them:


Instagram: @photobookph

Single-origin chocolate chip cookies

We were at a trade fair when we first tried The Queen Baker’s single-origin chocolate chip cookies. It was soft and chewy. But what surprised us was the generous amount of chocolate they put on every piece. Artisan cookies are getting more and more expensive these days yet The Queen Baker is affordable without sacrificing quality. P.S. We also love their Cornflake cookies!

Who doesn’t like cookies?

Where to get them:

Instagram: @thequeenbaker

Diaper changing spray

Have you ever needed to wash your baby’s bum and find there’s no water to do so? We used to carry a travel sized baby wash just in case Tikoy needs a thorough cleaning (after pooping) and found ourselves stuck without water. Sometimes, wipes just won’t do. So we were amazed when Tiny Buds released their new product: a natural diaper changing spray that’s safe on baby’s skin and works miracles when you’re in dire need of cleansing. It’s perfect for traveling and is a new diaper bag staple!

Read our blogs on Tiny Buds here and here.

Where to get them:

Website, Shopee, Lazada, Beauty MNL, and leading departments stores and groceries.

Ionized Water cleaner

This Filipino product using Japanese technology give us a sense of wonder. Just when you thought you’ve already seen everything in home products, Kurin Water introduces a cleaning product made of super ionized water. Yes, you read it correctly! An ionized water cleaner that cleans and sanitizes your homes. It comes in different variants too–all-purpose, bathroom, kitchen, and fruits and vegetables.

Where to get them:


Instagram: @kurinwater

Ultra thin disposable diapers

While we are currently potty training our baby, we still let him wear disposable diapers when we travel or go out of the house. Earlier this year, we discovered a disposable diaper that is 2 millimeters thin. Since the diaper is that thin, it goes well with our baby’s movements instead of him adjusting to the bulky diaper between his legs. Plus, we don’t have to worry anymore of disposable diapers occupying a large space in the diaper bag when we travel. 

Read our full review of Ultrafresh diapers here.

Where to get them:

Instagram: @ultrafreshph

Facebook: Ultrafresh PH

Carousell: Ultrafresh PH

Yearend Giveaway

Join our yearend giveaway and get the chance to win all these products in our Favorite Things 2019 list. Visit our IG and Facebook account for more details.

32 replies on “Our Favorite Things 2019

  1. Hoping to win the year end giveaway for my daughter. She just turned 1 year last November 20 so I guess this will be a great gift for her from you guys. *Cross finger*


  2. This was so adorable. This is what I love in your blog, you have some info of how effective & useful the product or what so ever you are posting. For me reading here in your blog encourage me to try the products.

    More blessings to your family!! 💛💛💛💛


  3. Still hoping to win the #markxabiyearendgiveaway for my daughter 💜 All the participating products are so worth to win 😍


    1. Super lucky naman ng winner. All the brands listed are great. Some are must haves talaga like Kurin water and tiny buds baby products. I’m joining also coz I’d like to try the yummy treats and to have a chance to win a Photobook.


  4. I have been planning to have my baby’s milestones to be put in a photobook too. I’ll purchase it once he turns 1 year old for his complete monthly pics and milestones. Sooo lovely!


  5. Looking forward for more blogs of 💓 Their info’s and reviews are really important and meaningful especially in parenting life. Can’t wait to continue reading your blog til 2020 🎉✨


  6. Looking forward for more blogs of 💓 Their info’s and reviews are really important and meaningful especially in parenting life. Can’t wait to continue reading your blog til 2020 🎉✨


  7. Thanks for sharing po. More blogs pa po. Very informative and super helpful talaga mga blogs nyo po.

    Wishing to win your year end giveaway for my Ausome Xion. Best gift for my son shine. 🙏💙

    IG: @greautism_son


  8. Wanna try Ultra Fresh for my son. Hoping to win🤞. Merry Christmas and Happy new year! Thanks, for sharing your blessings mommy. God bless your family 💕💕💕



  9. Happy New year 😍 gusto ko pong manalo para sa anak ko and sa pamangkin ko na 7month old. Thank you for this opportunity . God bless us 🙏


  10. Very informative and great product and very useful para aking kiddos at pamangkin. Nagcrave ako sa burnt basque cheesecake.
    Nagustuhan ko rin photobook. 😍
    IG: @emcelfajardo


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